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LoL, TFT: Patch 10.1 will introduce three new Little Legends

LoL, TFT: Patch 10.1 will introduce three new Little Legends

The first patch of the year will have its share of new features including three new little legends on Combat Tactique: Tocker, Craggle and Flutterbug.

LoL, TFT: Patch 10.1 will introduce three new Little Legends

Scheduled for January 2020, Teamfight Tactics Patch 10.1 will see the arrival of three new little legends: Tocker, Craggle, and Flutterbug.


The Flutterbug wants to take over the world and eat everything that is most delicious — but it's very small. He often has to hide under things so he doesn't get crushed. While he's hiding, he's thinking about his evil plans.

The different forms:

  • Flutterbug
  • Beevil Flutterbug
  • Ixtali Flutterbug
  • Legionnaire Flutterbug
  • Sandbringer Flutterbug
  • True Ice Flutterbug
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics


The Craggle has a soft spot for the vulnerable creatures of the world, and tries to protect them with all its might as if it were a giant colossus, even though it is still growing.

The different forms:

  • Craggle
  • Black Mist Craggle
  • Hextech Craggle
  • Craggle Legionnaire
  • Sandbringer Craggle
  • True Ice Craggle
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics


The Tocker is constantly tinkering with things to make them better, even on his own body!

The different forms:

  • Tocker
  • Black Mist Tocker
  • Chemtech Tocker
  • Tocker Legionary
  • Petal Dancer Tocker
  • Petricite Tocker
Teamfight Tactics
Teamfight Tactics
Craggle, Tocker and Flutterbug head to the Convergence!

In Teamfight Tactics, the new game mode of League of Legends, there are Little Legends, mascots that you play during each of your games.



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