Lol: The 10 Best Skins to Win
  • 10th: The Demon
  • 9th: The Pros Favourite
  • 8th: The Pug
  • 7th: The Great Reaper
  • 6th: Super Saiyan
  • 5th: Bipolar Leona
  • 4th: The Choo-Choo Train
  • 3th: The Lethal Weapon
  • 2nd: The Immortal
  • 1st: Faster than his Shadow

Tired of losing games and looking for an easy way to win? We've got what you need with these top 10 skins that increase your chances of victory.

Lol: The 10 Best Skins to Win

Many urban legends exist in League of Legends, especially when it comes to skin. Indeed, the possession of skin offers the possibility to change the appearance of its character. It also allows, in some cases, to modify the animations of the character. But did you know that the presence of skins in a game changes the outcome of the game, even before it starts?

The team with the most skins has a greater chance of winning, statistics have proven it! In addition, there are skins that increase your chances of winning. These are sometimes more powerful and other times they have a direct effect on the opponent's morale. So you understand that they are almost indispensable to climb more easily in elo.

NB: Only the great King Faker can afford to play without skins, by choice.


This article must be taken at the second degree. Furthermore, it is not intended to encourage the purchase of Riot Points in any way. It's all about humor during this holiday season!

Eliot Denajar


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