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Riot Games outlines esports plans for Valorant

Riot Games outlines esports plans for Valorant

As the beta of Valorant continues to draw the attention of both casual and pro players, Riot Games shared some thoughts about the esports scene for the FPS.

Riot Games outlines esports plans for Valorant

While two tournaments have already taken place on Valorant: a Twitch Rivals and the 100Thieves Invitational, Whalen "Magus" Rozelle, Director of Global Esports for Riot Games wanted to share more information about the future of esports on their FPS. He explained that the goal with Valorant is to create a healthy and accessible scene where pure merit is what brings you to the top.

According to Magus, it's still too early to give proper information on what players and fans can expect from the pro scene on Valorant, however, he explains that the esports scene for the game is to be created around what is the best for the community.

Three big principles are the hearth of what Magus considers a healthy esports scene:

• Competitive integrity means that we want aspiring pros to have a fair shot at reaching the highest levels of play through merit-based competition. We will work tirelessly to ensure matches are won and lost based on a person’s skill and teamwork rather than external factors.

• Accessibility is our promise that fans and players from all backgrounds will be welcome into the VALORANT community. We aspire to build the highest quality broadcast experience that showcases the creativity, teamwork, and clutch moments we love about this game, while both catering to longtime fans and making it easy for new fans to discover their love of esports.

• Authenticity means that we know this esport is yours and we hope to build it together with you. We want VALORANT esports to grow with this community as well as discover its own voice, talent, and stars.
Whalen « Magus » Rozelle on Valorant and Esports (Source)

With not much he can reveal yet, Magus explains that Riot Games heard the impressive amount of support the game receives and how much people want to know about the future of esports on the game.

For the moment, the objective is to take it slow and start by creating partnerships, create an ecosystem and focus on enabling third-party organizations in creating their own events.

This kind of initiative is already on the road as big names of esports such as T1 are creating their Invitational on Valorant.

This invitational will be cast by Lauren "Pansy" Scott and Chris "Puckett" Puckett and starts today at 10AM PT.

All Valorant Streams now drop closed beta access

Getting access to the Valorant beta is a real struggle these days. From now on, every stream of the game will be able to drop an access to the beta.

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