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Overwatch League: Week 12 Hero Pool Rotation

Overwatch League: Week 12 Hero Pool Rotation

This week is special as the Hero Pool will affect the Competitive Games and Overwatch League differently. Echo is already banned before even arriving in OWL.

A new week means a new Hero Pool in Overwatch. After several tests in Competitive Mode, the model already present in the third season of the Overwatch League — since Washington Justice Homestand (March 7-8) — has been selected for a collective Hero Pool since April 13!

With Hero Pool, Blizzard offers a new method to keep novelty in-game. Metas won't last for long for a greater diversity in compositions and strategies. In addition to more regular updates and patch notes, this feature seems to be the solution chosen to address one of the biggest issues of Overwatch: a highly static meta.

To be banned, several conditions must be taken into account.

  • The hero must have an in-game attendance rate of at least 10% over the previous two weeks.
  • A hero can't be banned for two weeks in a row.

Once the list is ready, the heroes will be chosen randomly from this list. Each week, four heroes will be removed from the Hero Pool: 2 DPS, 1 Tank and 1 Support.

Last Week Hero Pool

First Overwatch Common Hero Pool has been unveiled

Widowmaker, McCree, Reinhardt and Brigitte are the banned heroes for this week in Overwatch League and Ranked Games.



This week, four Support could be selected:

  • Ana (77.9%)
  • Mercy (22.5%)
  • Moira (21.9%)
  • Lucio (19.2%)

Moira is removed from next week Hero Pool.



With the exception of Reinhardt, all Tanks could be banned this week:

  • Sigma (33.5%)
  • Orisa (29.2%)
  • Winston (22.4%)
  • Zarya (21.7%)
  • D.Va (20.3%)
  • Wreckingball (18.2%)
  • Roadhog(17.8%)

Orisa was chosen by the algorithm.



Little choice this week despite the presence of Echo — which quickly found her place at the highest level of competition:

  • Tracer (25.7%)
  • Ashe (20.4%)
  • Echo (18.3%)

Tracer and Echo were chosen, and that means that we won't see the new hero right away in the Overwatch League!

Earn six unique Echo-themed until April 20

Get exclusive rewards for the release of Echo by watching 2 to 6 hours streams on Twitch until April 20.


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