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LoL: Vision on Jungle Camps is still buggy

LoL: Vision on Jungle Camps is still buggy

The issue is nothing new and has persisted for years in League of Legends: sometimes jungle camp stays hidden by the fog of war for a few times instead of being revealed instantly...

LoL: Vision on Jungle Camps is still buggy

Since the big Summoner's Rift update that Season 4 brought in League of Legends, a lot of players — especially junglers — pointed out a quite annoying bug linked to the fog of war and jungle camps.

In short, there is sometimes a delay between the moment where a player reveals a jungle camp and the moment where the monsters actually appear on his screen.

This bug can be extremely confusing and it can sometimes directly impact the outcome of some games, as highlighted by Reddit user "SarcasticGuy20" in the video below.

SarcasticGuy20 on Reddit

It's not always about the Baron Nashor, as this bug also occurs with the Red Brambleback or the Blue Sentinel. When the two monsters don't appear immediately, it suggests that an enemy has already cleared the camp...

Although we hope that Riot Games finally fix this bug, the mere fact that League of Legends is an online game can be responsible for such latency — and we're not event talking about anti-cheat scripts that might also play a role.

However, they certainly have more important bugs to deal with first — including that of Kayn, which sometimes allows him to strike all over the map...

Game-breaking bug forces Riot to disable Kayn

This weekend, Kayn temporarily disappeared from the Rift — and for good reason, as the Shadow Reaper was seemingly able to strike the whole enemy team without even seeing them...

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