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LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 5 Power Rankings: Nine teams, four ties

LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 5 Power Rankings: Nine teams, four ties

While G2 Esports and Fnatic keep disappointing, MAD Lions and Rogue are still leading the way. In the middle of the standings, things are still undecided and the race for Playoffs already looks exciting.

LEC 2020 Summer Split Week 5 Power Rankings: Nine teams, four ties

Last week, Fnatic won, but without really convincing anyone they were actually back on track. Meanwhile, G2 Esports, their rivals, were destroyed in both of their matches.

The multiple LEC champions, that share together the fourteen titles delivered since the creation of the league, are just beyond recognition. They just look like they're out of the Rift.

The weakness of the favorites obviously benefited the other teams, but we weren't really expecting Rogue or MAD Lions to take the lead. The two are now tied in first place with Fnatic, Origen, and SK Gaming right on their heels.

Actually, all teams except for Schalke 04 are tied. G2 and Misfits Gaming are battling for the sixth place, while Excel Esports and Team Vitality are fighting for the seventh.

Only six teams will earn their spot in Playoffs, and there are only six matches remaining...

1 — MAD Lions

Previous Ranking: 2nd (+1)

Week 5 Record: 2-0

MAD Lions keep thriving with two new victories in the picket. They first won against Excel in a relatively close game where Kaiser, deprived of Wukong, gave us the pleasure to release play Pantheon support. Also, accompanied by Twisted Fate, the lions were present absolutely everywhere on the Rift.

The Madrid team then stomped G2 Esports, dominating every objective and most teamfights. Of course, you can't win against the samurai without spilling blood, but the lions' control was total.

1 — Rogue

Previous Ranking: 1st (=)

Week 5 Record: 2-0

Rogue doesn't have much to envy MAD Lions. Indeed, Hans Sama's team largely dominated its two opponents of the week, although their playstyle is much less aggressive than the Lions.

Against Schalke 04, they left no space for the German club and dominated from start to finish. Against Excel, it was not until the traditional twentieth minute that Rogue exploded and never let the English team come back.

Also with nine wins to their name, Rogue will fight to the end to keep up with the lions and should without too many problems make it into Playoffs.

3 — Origen

Previous Ranking: 7th (+4)

Week 5 Record: 2-0

Origen replaced their Australian support, Destiny, with Jactroll this week and the result is quite interesting. Not only did they win both their matches, but the Polish player also performed really well.

Against G2 Esports, Alphari enjoyed himself with a devastating Malphite against a triple AD/AP Carry.

The next day, they won against Misfits in a quite one-sided match they controlled from start to finish.

True to themselves, Origen keep showcasing a playstyle focused on controlling the map and the game before bursting into teamfights. Although efficient, this style might play a trick on them...

4 — SK Gaming

Previous Ranking: 8th (+4)

Week 5 Record: 2-0

SK Gaming are back to the level they had a few weeks ago. Although the German team pocketed a convincing win against Vitality, their performance against Schalke 04 was much more questionable.

Things weren't as easy as they should have been — and that's precisely the issue. SK are still strong candidates for Playoffs, but given the state of the other potential qualified teams, they can't rest on their laurels.

5 — Fnatic

Previous Ranking: 5th (+3)

Week 5 Record: 2-0

Admittedly, Fnatic won both of their matches this week, but they weren't convincing at all.

The multiple LEC champions are still beyond recognition.

Against Misfits, they struggled during the entire early game, and without some mistakes from the rabbits, Fnatic would never have recovered this gigantic 8k gold difference.

Their second match against Vitality started the same, and Fnatic definitely scared themselves. Not only did they make one mistake after another, but their composition wasn't drafter to help them resist the early game. However, just like their other matches, they relied on scaling composition allowing them to easily win teamfights in the late game.

Bwipo is unrecognizable after a superb spring split, Hylissang falls back into his irregularities and Nemesis is invisible. Something has broken at Fnatic and they'd better fix it quickly before it's too late.

6 — Excel Esports

Previous Ranking: 3rd (-3)

Week 5 Record: 0-2

Two wins last week, two losses this week — will Excel Esports finally manage to defeat the demon of inconsistency?

Let's be fair though — Excel had to face the two leaders of the championship, and no one was really expecting them to win.

Against MAD Lions, they resisted long enough by giving blow for blow to their opponents. After 20 minutes, they became unable to answer and never managed to take back control of the game.

In a fashion way, they adopted the same pace with Rogue — which proves that Excel excels at defending the early game. However, without much control over the rest of the game, they inevitably failed.

7 — G2 Esports

Previous Ranking: 4th (-3)

Week 5 Record: 0-2

G2 Esports seemed completely lost this week, and not only because the meta apparently doesn't fit their playstyle.

Dominated by Alphari's Malphite, then stomped by MAD Lions, G2 are also beyond recognition. Perkz just seems out of the game, which he cannot really be accounted for given what's he currently living — but the consequences are here.

The players pretend they didn't train enough, which is something that can be fixed. However, G2 hasn't any time to lose as Playoffs are getting closer and closer...

8 — Misfits Gaming

Previous Ranking: 5th (-3)

Week 5 Record: 0-2

Misfits are falling into the standings after a quite hard week to digest. Although they were dominating Fnatic during most of the game, they lost their advantage after several mistakes and a badly managed teamfight. For the second time since the beginning of the season, Misfits threw their game.

Things were a bit different with Origen, as Misfits never really grasped any control over the game. Overall, they pocketed two more losses last week and they'll have to work hard if they want to secure a spot in Playoffs.

9 — Team Vitality

Previous Ranking: 6th (-3)

Week 5 Record: 0-2

Team Vitality showcased an impressive ability to steal objectives or to kill Nashor without the other team even noticing — but they seem unable to win teamfights.

However, both of their matches last week were extremely tight, and we cannot really blame them for what they showed. Their matcha against Fnatic is a real proof of their talent, as they contested their defeat until the last hp of their Nexus drops.

Vitality could really well miss Playoffs, which would be a shame given what they punctually demonstrated.

10 — FC Schalke 04 Esports

Previous Ranking: 10th (=)

Week 5 Record: 0-2

At this point, mathematics is just against Schalke04. With one victory for ten losses, the German club is probably playing the worst split of its history.

Let's face it, they'll never make to Playoffs — and they'll have to come back stronger next season.

What do you think of these power rankings? Do you feel we misplaced a team? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below!

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Original content from Millenium FR by "Fabvison".

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