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LoL LEC 2020 Summer Week 7 Power Rankings

LoL LEC 2020 Summer Week 7 Power Rankings

The playoff race has seen many twists and turns again last week. MAD Lions and Rogue are the only teams that are guaranteed to qualify — and for the others, Week 8 will be critical...

LoL LEC 2020 Summer Week 7 Power Rankings

The League of Legends European Championship is entering its eighth and final week, and the stakes have never been higher. Due to their current record, MAD Lions and Rogue are guaranteed to be qualified for Playoffs. Even if they choke hard this week, they're mathematically safe.

Things are completely different for the other teams, as there is only two wins that separates G2 Esports and SK Gaming in third place from Misfits, Origen, and Team Vitality in seventh. These latter teams are for now ranked just below the qualification threshold, but crossing that line isn't an impossible feat at all.

Moreover, one cannot eliminate Excel Esports and Fnatic from the equation, but their almost solid 7-8 record put them at risk right now. They'll have to defend their spot into Playoffs, especially since the seeding won't be determined by the Standings but rather by the Championship Points. In other words, for Fnatic especially, it really doesn't matter at which rank they qualify, since their Spring Split run already guarantees them the fourth seed.

Theoretically, Schalke 04 are already out of the run. In order to allow them to qualify in Playoffs, the next week will need to follow a one-over-a-thousand scenario where they would win all their matches while specific teams such as Fnatic would lose all of them. It would be a miracle, but who knows in advance what the LEC can deliver...

1 — MAD Lions

Previous Ranking: 1st (=)

Week 7 Record: 1-1

MAD Lions no longer have to worry about making it to Playoffs. They qualified already following the first game of the weekend against Origen. In a relatively tight match, the Lions were able to make work with a Sona-Lux duo in the bot. One more proof of the great inventiveness of this young squad, which takes up a little bit the role that G2 had before: to define the meta of the LEC.

The team slipped however against Vitality during a game once again very disputed. The first place is not yet secured and it will certainly be played against Rogue in the second game of Week 8. What is at stake here goes further than the LEC, as reaching the Playoffs semi-finals will guarantee them to qualify for Worlds.

1 — Rogue

Previous Ranking: 1st (=)

Week 7 Record: 1-1

Like MAD Lions, Rogue are already qualified for Playoffs. They won their place by beating Fnatic more than convincingly. They proved their composure and their ability to capitalize on their opponents' many mistakes.

Against SK Gaming, they got beaten in the same way as against G2 Esports: they had a pretty strong advantage but were unable to end the game, eventually allowing their opponents to come back. That's the kind of mistake that will be critical in the upcoming Playoffs. To maintain their status and qualify for Worlds, Rogue will have to address this kind of issues — especially since G2 Esports in Bo1 is far different from G2 Esports in Bo5.

3 — G2 Esports

Previous Ranking: 6th (+3)

Week 7 Record: 2-0

Would the samurais be back? Partly, shall we say. Their games are much cleaner and they somehow found back their way to restructure the dominant team they used to be. However, a lot of weight still rests on Caps' shoulders. The other players have clearly not yet regained their full potential.

Nevertheless, G2 Esports did a great job last week and have now a great chance of qualifying to Playoffs. The top 4 is indeed almost a given for Ocelote's men.

They dominated Vitality and Fnatic last weekend, two almost easy games that reassure their many fans. Everyone knows that facing G2 in Bo5 is much more threatening than just meeting them in Bo1. The Samurais will have a card to play during Playoffs, if and only if they make it there.

Their objective is simple: to regain their full potential for Playoffs.

4 — SK Gaming

Previous Ranking: 3th (-1)

Week 7 Record: 1-1

Despite a week crippled with mixed results, SK Gaming played quite well last week. Now almost certain to qualify for Playoffs, the German team confirmed its clear progress since the Spring Split.

Defeated in a crazy game against Misfits, the week didn't start very well for SK . However, their win against Rogue allowed them to reach a very favourable position before the Superweek. A match they could well have lost in view of the lead their opponents had. SK Gaming's young squad showed great maturity to stay calm and turn the tide.

Given their current record, SK shouldn't have too many difficulties qualifying for Playoffs, but their three upcoming games are nevertheless important as too many defeats will leave an opening for the teams ranked below them.

5 — Excel Esports

Previous Ranking: 5th (=)

Week 7 Record: 1-1

Dominated by Schalke 04, Excel Esports had a rough week. However, their match against Misfits was really convincing, especially thanks to the incredible performance of Patrick who played Kalista to perfection.

Excel is very well positioned for the last week but must remain vigilant and win some of the three complicated games they'll have to play this week. The most important one being probably against Origen, which is their direct competitor.

Given their record at the end of the Spring Split, Excel have now Championship Points to rely on. If they qualify to Playoffs, they'll certainly be seeded in the Losers' Bracket, leaving them absolutely no room for any mistake...

6 — Fnatic

Previous Ranking: 4th (-2)

Week 7 Record: 0-2

After Week 6, we thought Fnatic were back on track, notably because they were playing compositions more suitable to their playstyle. However, players are individually performing quite poorly and the team is sorely lacking in coordination — just like if Broxxah's departure left a void now illustrated by the absence of a commanding voice.

Two more defeats pocketed after two disastrous games filled with colossal mistakes led Fnatic to their current ranking. Nevertheless, they still have a good chance of qualifying if they find back their cohesion during this week.

Moreover, given their Championship Points record which guarantees them a seed in the Winners' Brackets, their placement in the LEC Standings doesn't really matter until they remain above the qualification threshold.

7 — Team Vitality

Previous Ranking: 9th (+2)

Week 7 Record: 1-1

Team Vitality aren't in good shape, even though they somehow managed to win against MAD Lions last week. However, their defeat against G2 Esports last didn't give a good impression on the team's current state, as they were taught a lesson on how to play League.

Capable from the best as well as from the worst, the French team's current placement isn't enough at all to guarantee their spot in Playoffs. They're only two points behind the chasing pack, which means they can theoretically make it.

8 — Misfits Gaming

Previous Ranking: 9th (+1)

Week 7 Record: 1-1

Dominated by Schalke 04 and controlled by Rogue, it seems that Misfits are no longer able to win a game.

There was hope against Rogue, as they were tied for a long time, but Rogue isn't really the kind of team that crushes its opponents while Misfits likes to take the lead at the beginning of the game (only to lose it in the end).

Kobbe's return isn't really a success and seems to add to the long list of unsuccessful returns of European players. Another example of this type of player — who isn't as good as he was before playing in NA — is Febiven.

9 — Origen

Previous Ranking: 7th (-2)

Week 7 Record: 0-2

This Summer Split is quite a living nightmare for Origen. After a streak of disastrous performances, the Spanish club is no longer considered by anyone to be one of the favourites. Worse still, they now have little chance of qualifying for Playoffs.

Deficio's men pocketed two more defeats last week against Schalke 04 and MAD Lions. Even if they managed to keep a tight score against the Lions, we're honestly expecting much more from them. Perhaps is their surgical playstle unsuitable with the current League meta, but the team displayed a far better level last split than they're showing during this one.

Next week, Origen will need at least a win against SK and Excel to hope to qualify, provided these two teams also lose another game. There is a scenario where Origen makes it to Playoffs, but it's hard to believe it will actually happen.

10 — FC Schalke 04 Esports

Previous Ranking: 10th (=)

Week 7 Record: 2-0

"Null fear" for Schalke04?

The German club pocketed two more victories last week, against Excel and Origen. Despite the odds, the miracle is actually still possible even though it will require a very specific scenario to unfold.

The Cinderella story is obviously creating a lot of hype around Schalke04, but will they have what it takes to keep winning? Even with three more victories leading them to a 8-10 record, their chance to qualify in Playoffs will be determined by the record of the other teams. In other words, even if they play perfectly the upcoming week, they'll have to rely on others' losses...

What do you think of these power rankings? Do you feel we misplaced a team? Feel free to drop your opinion in the comment section below!

Original content by "Fabvison".

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