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WoW: Blizzard Tackles Ads In Group Finder

WoW: Blizzard Tackles Ads In Group Finder

The advertising in the Group Finder is a scourge that Blizzard didn't seem to consider. It was in any case that it was possible to think until Tuesday July 28, 2020, since a player was banned for advertising!

WoW: Blizzard Tackles Ads In Group Finder

European Reddit user u / NargoEUW, also a World of Warcraft player, shared an email he received from Blizzard customer service. In it, he discovered he was banished temporarily to have advertised in the tool Group Finder. Penalty: 1 day ban!

Official mail received by NargoEUW

World of Warcraft

Extract from the Blizzard Code of Conduct

You are responsible for how you and your account are represented in the gaming world. Any form of cheating will be penalized immediately. Using third-party programs to automate any aspect of the game, exploit bugs, or engage in any activity that gives you an unfair advantage over other players will be considered cheating. It is also a serious offense to exploit other players. Scams, account sharing, match-fixing or any other activity that may affect the gaming experience of other players will be severely penalized.

Our opinion

In a nutshell: this is an excellent thing, and we are delighted with it.

Ads are a real plague in World of Warcraft, and the Group Finder has been a billboard for too long. While players are looking for groups to go to arena, raid or dungeon, they very (too) often have to ignore many unnecessary announcements cluttering up this tool since they are simply intended to promote paid boosts, often in exchange for gold coins but also more rarely real money.

As an example, here is what we encountered on Tuesday July 28, 2020 around 12:00 p.m.

World of Warcraft

The "boosts" are, in our opinion, an unfair way allowing the most gifted players in the game to win a large amount of gold coins and even real money, but also and above all to "offer" achievements. and very high level equipment for players who don't have the capacity to perform the content they are boosting.

But it remains a priori legal as long as it remains in exchange for gold coins. However, things have grown considerably in recent years, to the point where the carry has become a full-fledged activity upon which most guilds and groups of a certain level rely to earn gold. Help on an ad hoc basis, yes. Make it its main activity and only see that in the Trade Channel, no.

Let us also remember that with the appearance of the Token, the border between payment in real money and in gold coins is so thin, if not nonexistent, that one is entitled to wonder whether to turn a blind eye to such a system. is justified.

So not only this hitch system Group Finder tool very annoyingly, but in addition it gives an unfair advantage to the richest players in the game, thus distorting the real level that have them by allowing them to 'access gear, cosmetics, or even a score that they shouldn't have.

It was time for Blizzard to tackle this problem. Hopefully the penalties will be even heavier for repeat offenders and that they dig on this side until stemming what is in our opinion the real source of the problem: the boost as such.

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