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Rainbow Six Siege World Cup announced

Rainbow Six Siege World Cup announced

The Rainbow Six Siege World Cup has been announced during the Ubisoft Forward.

Rainbow Six Siege World Cup announced

Rainbow Six Siege players who have always dreamed of seeing their country's best players team up to take on the rest of the world will be thrilled. In Summer 2021, national flags will be out for this competition that Ubisoft has made official.

To handle the selection of players from each country, three individuals for each national selection will be elected and organized as a committee. To do so, three ways will be possible. One will be through the direct will of Ubisoft, while another will be through the community will, while the third will be the result of an election by the national players and coaches of the profession.

These three people will then have the heavy task of calling any major player who is a natural citizen of the country concerned, up to a squad of five. Only a maximum of two players per organizations can be called. In other words, it will be impossible to find the entire BDS team lined up at the kick-off of the event.

On the participants' side, it's announced that there will be 45 countries involved, 14 of which have been invited directly to the final phase beforehand thanks to their influence and results.

Preliminary qualifications will be held in each region of the world — Europe, North America, South America, and Asia-Pacific — with a final phase with 20 teams. Divided into four groups of five, these teams will compete for access to the quarter-finals (first two in each group).

More information should be delivered as and when it comes to this event, which will count on the presence in its ranks of Tony Parker, the future worldwide ambassador. It remains to be seen how all the organizational issues — and especially the selection of coaches and players — will be handled and welcomed by the community.

Original content by Christopher "LuziTano" Perrin.

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Rainbow Six Siege World Cup announced

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