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Black Ops Cold War Beta Weekend 2: Patch 1.02 patch notes, PC, Xbox, PS4

Black Ops Cold War Beta Weekend 2: Patch 1.02 patch notes, PC, Xbox, PS4

Weekend two of the Black Ops Cold War is here! Here's what has changed from the first weekend.

Black Ops Cold War Beta Weekend 2: Patch 1.02 patch notes, PC, Xbox, PS4

The second beta weekend for Black Ops Cold War is here!

The second weekend will see a wealth of brand-new content for players to experience including the new Fireteam mode.

After the first weekend, players offered their feedback surrounding the game, ranging from weapon performance, movement mechanics, map design, and developer Treyarch has responded with several changes coming to the beta.

Find out what has changed on the beta below!

Gameplay Updates


  • Reduced speed of initial slide impulse and slightly shortened slide duration.
  • Significantly reduced slide speed with Duster Stock attachment equipped.


Milano 821

  • Reduced damage falloff range


  • Slightly reduced recoil


  • Increased time between bursts from .216s to .233s

Type 63

  • Reduced recoil


  • Slightly reduced hipfire speed

Gallo SA12

  • Adjusted medium-range damage to require three hits to kill instead of two at mid-range

Key drops are available for the Black Ops Cold War PC beta!

Yesterday, Activision announced the start of key drop for the Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Early Access Beta for PC players. We explain how to try your luck on Twitch!


Agency Suppressor

  • Reduced some recoil bonuses

Field Upgrades

Field Mic

  • Reduced the range that the Field Mic can detect players who are crouching, ADS, walking, or moving but not sprinting.


Frag Grenade

  • Reduced the damage on the outer half of the Frag Grenade's splash damage radius.

Known PC Issues and Workarounds

  • Mouse wheel input delay defaults at 0, which is lower than intended

  • Workaround: Player can adjust value for the mouse wheel delay input in Settings. Recommended default value is 80.

  • When many audio devices are available, it isn't possible to view or select the last one from the drop-down list

  • Workaround: Audio devices can be selected using the keyboard.

  • Some players on AMD GPUs may experience frequent packed burst spikes during gameplay.

  • Workaround: Lower the graphics settings can alleviate severity.

Here are the dates for the second weekend of the Black Ops Cold War beta

Are you a little confused with all the beta dates? Want to know the dates to enjoy weekend two of the beta? Find out all the information here!


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