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Worlds 2020: Nuguri nominates his champion for winner's skin

Worlds 2020: Nuguri nominates his champion for winner's skin

The DAMWON Gaming toplaner surprised many by choosing Fiora against G2 Esports, but that's not the champion he has chosen for a special winner's skin should his team triumph in the Worlds 2020 Final.

Worlds 2020: Nuguri nominates his champion for winner's skin

One of the most long-lasting traditions in League of Legends is the world champions receiving custom-designed skins in the the year following their victory.

The theme is often the team, but each player chooses the champion who will represent them, and participates in the creative process of their design, animation, and emotes.

Of course, the rule stands that it must be a champion the player has used during the tournament!

Saturday's final is a showdown between the LCK's DAMWON Gaming and the LPL's Suning. One of the players in line for their own skin is the Korean side's toplaner, Nuguri.

The matter of World skins always leads to speculation regarding the reasons why certain champions are chosen during the tournament that don't necessarily match the teams' compositions. That's precisely what Nuguri did in the second game of the semifinal against G2 Esports by using Fiora, a character that was almost useless in his side's only defeat in that series.

While many thought that Nuguri had chosen her just so that he could later opt for her commemorative skin, he surprised journalist Travis Gafford with his statement to the contrary.

"We have to win in order to have those skins, so I haven't thought deeply about this issue. But I have thought about it a little bit; since my name is Nuguri, which means raccoon, I imagine that it would be nice to choose Kennen as my champion for the skin."

It must be noted that Nuguri has a 100% winrate with Kennen during Worlds, having beaten PSG.Talon, Rogue and DRX with him.

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