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What's coming in League of Legends Patch 11.1?

What's coming in League of Legends Patch 11.1?

The first patch of League of Legends Season 11 drops tonight, bringing with it a raft of changes to items and more skins to be purchased in the store. Here's an overview of what's in Patch 11.1.

What's coming in League of Legends Patch 11.1?

The first patch of the new League of Legends season goes a long way to getting us ready for the resumption of ranked and competitve play for 2021. 

While not a massive patch, here's a summary of what you can expect.

Starting at 01/06/2021 01:30 PST Ranked Queues will be disabled in preparation for patch 11.1. At 01/06/2021 03:00 PST the servers will be shut down and all games currently in progress will end in a draw and stats will not be recorded. We estimate the battlegrounds will be unavailable for 3 hours.
Riot Games on Patch 11.1 (Source)

Patch 11.1 Contents

New Skins

  • Warden Quinn and Warden Gragas
  • Marauder Kled, Marauder Xin Zhao and Marauder Kalista

Champion Changes

  • Buffs: Gnar, Yasuo, Yone, Kayne
  • Nerfs: Akali, Anivia, Galio, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, Olaf
  • Adjusted base stats for many champions

Item Changes

  • All items with Grievous Wounds have duration increased: 2 seconds → 3 seconds
  • Buffs: Ionian Boots of Lucidity, Moonstone Renewer, Luden's Tempest, Shurelya's Battlesong, Archangel's Staff, Seraph's Embrace, Night Harvester
  • Balanced: Runaan's Hurricane, Manamune, Muramana, Trinity Force, Hextech Rocketbelt, Goredrinker, Stridebreaker, Duskblade of Draktharr, Prowler's Claw
  • Nerfs: Imperial Mandate, Sunfire Aegis

Rune Changes

  • Buff: Cosmic Insight
  • Balance: Ultimate Hunter


  • New Summoner Icons
  • New Emotes


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