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Riot Games will no longer allow full LCS VODs to be uploaded by third parties

Riot Games will no longer allow full LCS VODs to be uploaded by third parties

The LCS is undergoing a policy update to remove LCS VODs from the internet that 'do not add value'.

Riot Games will no longer allow full LCS VODs to be uploaded by third parties

A shift in policy is coming through for Riot Games regarding VODs of the League of Legends Championship Series (LCS). Starting with the upcoming Mid-Season Showdown, which kicks off on March 20th, the company will be removing LCS VOD content that does, as the company says 'not add value'.

In order to crack down on the VODs, Riot will be using a third-party tool called Smart Live Protection. This will scour the internet for LCS content and, if deemed to not add any value to the overall content covering the league, will be requested to be removed. Riot Games has stressed that this specifically pertains full uploads of games without any additional commentary or production. Highlight videos, analyses, and other variety content will be safe from the policy change.

With the change, the LCS follows its European counterpart, the League of Legends European Championship Series (LEC). Content creators have been able to continue to share highlights, analyses, and other commentary videos using footage of the LEC.

Recently, people have also noticed that the LCK (League of Legends Championship Korea) has started to remove VOD content. However, this removal process has been much harsher, leaving virtually no VOD content left to be watched at all. It is unsure whether or not an adjustment of this policy is in the works at the moment.

Tom Matthiesen
Tom Matthiesen

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