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New Warzone Killstreak discovered in game files

New Warzone Killstreak discovered in game files

Data miners have uncovered an unreleased Killstreak within Warzone's game files.

New Warzone Killstreak discovered in game files

As the second half of Season 2 gets underway, a huge wave of leaks surrounding the imminent Warzone event along with several other unreleased features has emerged.

This particular leak has uncovered details surrounding a Killstreak that has yet to arrive in the battle royale.

Here's everything we know about the Plague Box Killstreak.

Warzone Plague Box Killstreak

The discovery was made courtesy of @ZestyCODLeaks, who managed to find files within the game referencing the Plague Box.

According to the files, players will be able to drop the Plague Box to "create a plague zone that you are immune to", suggesting that some kind of unknown opposition is heading to Warzone that can deal incredibly high amounts of damage. Perhaps it has something to do with the Zombies that are currently working their way around Verdansk?

Plague Box Release Date

The presence of the Plague Box within Warzone's files has yet to be acknowledged by Activision or Raven Software but it being tucked away in the game files implies that its release could be arriving very soon.

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