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New Warzone bug grants players unlimited slide boost in Power Grab

New Warzone bug grants players unlimited slide boost in Power Grab

The Power Grab mode has proved a popular addition in Warzone but a recently discovered bug could have a serious impact on how the mode plays.

New Warzone bug grants players unlimited slide boost in Power Grab

The second half of Season 3 for Warzone is well underway. As part of the huge mid-season update, Raven Software added a brand-new game mode known as Power Grab.

The limited-time mode increases the pace of a typical match and also removes the Gulag, giving an enhanced focus on collecting the dog tags and respawn tokens that can be earned in order to win the match. 

Power Grab is a welcome change to the standard BR modes on offer in Warzone, but a bizarre bug is having a negative impact on some players.

Warzone Power Grab Slide Glitch

While sliding and utilizing the slide-canceling mechanic in Warzone isn't anything out of the ordinary, Reddit user "NoImKenny" discovered that the slide buff given to players after a dog tag had been collected had been applied for the entirety of the match.

The clip above shows the player showcasing how powerful the additional sliding distance is, revealing that players that had the permanent buff could slide up to three times further than players without the buff.

The buff should last around 15 seconds rather than the entire game, which could potentially see an increase in the overall pace of Power Grab matches. 

The issue isn't as severe as being able to climb underneath the map and with other issues still impacting standard BR, it's likely that the bug may remain until it's replaced with another LTM.

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