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LoL: Riot reveals Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV skin

LoL: Riot reveals Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV skin

As with each instance of Worlds, Riot has released a new Championship skin to augment the prize pool. This year, it's Jarvan IV - with a different name.

LoL: Riot reveals Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV skin

Worlds 2021 is fast approaching, bringing the best of the professional League of Legends scene together for a month-long feast of competitive action.

As always, a new skin has been released that will augment the Worlds prize pool, with 25% of proceeds being added. This time, Jarvan IV has been selected -- a champion historically tied to the competition, thanks to Victorious and Samsung Galaxy skins.

Interestingly, Riot refer to the skin as 'Worlds 2021 Jarvan IV' in their social media post, instead of the usual 'Championship' prefix.

The Championship skin line often adds a significant amount to the Worlds prize pools, which remain rather low for such a major esport.

In 2018, the sale of Championship Kha'Zhix resulted in an increase of more than $4 million -- far more than the initial $2.5 million contributed by Riot themselves. However, the developer hasn't confirmed whether Jarvan IV sales will factor into this edition's prize pool.

The skin will be released in Patch 11.19. Worlds gets under way on October 5 with the Play-In Stage, following its move to Europe from China.


LoL: Worlds reported to take place in Iceland from October 5

New reports suggest that Worlds 2021 is just weeks away, and will take place, as rumoured, in Iceland.


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