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LoL: Arcane stronger than Squid Game?

LoL: Arcane stronger than Squid Game?

You probably haven't missed out on the Squid Game phenomenon this year. With its cannon start and crazy audiences, could Arcane, the League of Legends animated series, succeed in dethroning the Korean series?

LoL: Arcane stronger than Squid Game?

Arcane made its release on November 7th on Netflix and, from the first episodes, the series inspired by the universe of League of Legends knew how to find its audience — initiates as well as neophytes — reaching the first place of views in 38 countries. This figure is all the more impressive as it ended the unchallenged domination of Squid Game, which had been at the top of the ranking of the streaming platform for more than two months. The question now is, will the Riot Games series continue to grow? Can Arcane exceed the 142 million views garnered by the South Korean phenomenon series in just 4 weeks? Apparently yes, and it would already be.

Always more popular

When launched on Twitch, the first episode drew almost 2 million viewers, which is huge for the platform. A peak of more than 1.8 million viewers spread over more than 4,000 channels was recorded. The most notable of course is that it has managed to dethrone Squid Game internationally in terms of popularity.

After a second wave of episodes, the craze around Arcane has not weakened, far from it. After the second act, she reached the top 1 in 52 countries. Even if the number of views is not yet known, it's a safe bet that the curve is exponential.

Chart by FlixPatrol - League of Legends
Chart by FlixPatrol

It should be noted that Chinese audiences are not fully transparent, and Netflix is not available in this country. According to Bloomberg, the series would have garnered 130 million views nationwide within hours of launch, quickly becoming the most searched topic on Tencent's streaming platform (which owns the rights to it). It remains to be seen how many viewers were there for the second batch of episodes, but it's a safe bet that they were as many, if not more.

You will understand, even if we do not have the final figures, it does seem that Arcane is one or even the biggest box of Netflix in terms of series. And it is deserved. Knowing that there are still three episodes to come and that they are eagerly awaited by all those who are already addicted, we can say that the series of Riot Games in collaboration with Fortiche is the heist of the year.



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