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LoL: The two new champions Riot Games' Head of Design August wants to create

LoL: The two new champions Riot Games' Head of Design August wants to create

In our Interview Riot August told us about some of the ideas he has for League of Legends. New champions that may one day end up making it into the Rift.

LoL: The two new champions Riot Games' Head of Design August wants to create

Not even being one of the top managers of League of Legends champions allows you to unleash all your ideas about the characters you want to create. An artist's mind always works faster than the rest of the body, and there are ideas that have to sit in a drawer until the right time to implement them is found. Talking to Riot August we found out that even the newly promoted Lead Champion Designer for Riot Games' MOBA has two pending projects that he wanted to share with us.

Two champions that could be coming to League of Legends

One of August's first ideas is to create a vampire. Although many players might think that this space is already covered in League of Legends thanks to Vladimir, in reality the Crimson Reaper occupies the role of Blood Mage. A thought that the designer would like to take further with a much more classic profile. "I would like to make a full-fledged Vampire. I never had the chance, maybe someday they'll let me. A vampire would be super cool. Turning into a bat and sucking the blood out of enemies and stuff. It would be really cool."

League of Legends

However, that is not his only idea. One of the most important elements of the characters created by August are the weapons. Almost all of his champions are made from thinking of some of these tools already existing in reality or fiction adapted to League of Legends. Thus, and after being asked directly about what ability from another game he would like to have in League of Legends, perhaps influenced by the upcoming release of Elden Ring, he focused rather on an existing set in Dark Souls: the "Ultra Greatswords".

"I love putting new weapons in the game, you can see it with my marksmen. I like to give them these weapons and try to capture their feel of the game. I didn't think about what the next one would be, but I usually do (...) I just released a character (Zeri) and I usually take a rest period. Although well, I've often imagined what a character with a giant sword would be like. Aatrox is a bit like that, but I want that feeling of having a gigantic sword, but gigantic gigantic," he commented.

League of Legends

Dark Souls Ultra greatswords are characterized by being very long, blunt and slow weapons. An edge larger than our character capable of leaving him nailed to the ground after each attack. A difference that is not so evident in cases such as Aatrox or Tryndamere that, although they carry very blunt edged weapons, do not have such marked handicaps. A notable difference that allows creating a new game feeling, the idea that in many cases has served as a pillar for August to be able to create new Champions.

This interview has been translated from MGG Spain by bxakid and was originally written by Bruno Ouviña aka GalleGutsito.

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