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Blizzard and NFTs: The president makes things clear

Blizzard and NFTs: The president makes things clear

While many rumors accused Activision Blizzard of wanting to get into cryptocurrency and NFTs, the company's president gave a straight answer to the allegations. Back to the community's suspicions, and the studio's responses.

Blizzard and NFTs? It is a collaboration that a few days ago was considered by the fan community. In question, a survey which had revealed the interest of the company for these virtual goods and cryptocurrency. Let's go back together on this story, which ended recently with a clear answer from the president of Blizzard himself.

Last week, gamers around the world were able to complete a survey submitted by Blizzard teams, gathering their opinions on various topics. Two of the topics on which users were asked related to blockchain and cryptocurrency: play-to-earn gaming (earning cryptocurrencies), as well as NFTs.

Very quickly, some of the survey respondents began to doubt, and if Blizzard was particularly interested in this type of functionality? The rumor spread and the president of Blizzard himself intervened.

Blizzard's response

Mike Ybarra , President of Blizzard Entertainment, responded to a post on Twitter, talking about the company's potential interest in cryptocurrency and NFTs. “Nobody makes NFTs,” he replied.

A clear, clean and precise answer, which proves that Blizzard is not ready to get into NFTs. The community then seems reassured, even if for some, doubt remains .

Well, that's reassuring in the short term, but why are you doing a poll then? it seems too easy to contradict the rumor after testing the opinions of the public,” some replied. Others have also pointed the finger at the fact that one of Blizzard's employees had mentioned the arrival of NFTs in connection with the universe of the mythical MMMORPG, World of Warcraft.

The Sam Didier case

Sam Didier is the artistic director of Blizzard Entertainment. He has worked on most of the artwork for World of Warcraft, StarCraft and Diablo licenses. Recently, he showed on Twitter his special interest in NFTs, announcing that one of his works would become one.

Although this is a work of Sam Didier and the decision is entirely his, the community cannot help but associate this decision with the wishes of Blizzard. It is important to specify that, while this is an artwork related to the World of Warcraft universe , it is not because Sam Didier makes NFTs that Blizzard will make them.

The answer from the company's president remains quite clear, and it seems that Blizzard does not plan to launch NFTs, or other blockchain-related content. Rest assured, fans of the fantastic universe of Activision Blizzard games, NFTs are not for now!

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