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Warzone: The return of a glitch sows panic

Warzone: The return of a glitch sows panic

For the past few days, Call of Duty: Warzone players have been able to discover the new features of Season 4. If the Resurgence mode allowed the introduction of a new map, it also allowed the return of a glitch, for the greatest misfortune of the players.

When a new season or a new update is released in the Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, unfortunately there are often, in addition to the new features, some problems that also appear in the title. from Raven Software .

This is unfortunately what is happening in Resurgence mode since the introduction of the new Good Fortune map. A well-known glitch in the community has indeed made a return, the walk-through-walls glitch .

Walls glitch back in Warzone

While we all thought the wall-walking glitch was all well and good and old, it turned out not to be. Since June 22, it has made a comeback, much to the chagrin of players, and this time is attacking the new Resurgence card.

At the launch of Warzone Season 4, the glitch seemed to only affect a few POIs on the Good Fortune map, but over the days it has spread more in almost all areas of the small map. Nevertheless, it seems that a POI is particularly affected by this one, and it is about Town. Indeed, it is in this place that the players seem to abuse the glitch, then firing full bullets at the enemies, and this without suffering any damage in return since they are well hidden in the walls of the map...

Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the developers have still not reportedly responded or given any news on the resolution of the glitch, which, once again, ruins the game experience. Nevertheless, the Resurgence mode should find the map of Rebirth Island shortly , hoping that with this rotation things will return to normal.

A season 4 under the sign of novelties

Since the appearance of Season 4 of Warzone, Raven Software's Battle Royale has been able to enjoy a second wind, and it needed it. Since the introduction of the Caldera map in December 2021, players indeed seemed to be sulking about it, and the developers have since made some changes, including the removal of no less than 50% of the vegetation.

In addition, new perks have been added and are now lootable on the ground: boosted, composure, combat scout, running pace, ghost, high alert . With the addition of these, we can imagine not without difficulty that players will certainly adopt a completely different gameplay, if only in their approach to enemies.

The Crop Top Glamour and Shiba Inu Mounts are finally available

After months since the datamining and preview on korean servers, we finally get our own shiba dog mount and crop top glamour and here's the in-game preview. Looks like they're not even gender locked!

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