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Tower of Fantasy: The million pre-registrations give way to an intriguing video

Tower of Fantasy: The million pre-registrations give way to an intriguing video

One of Genshin Impact's future competitors has just reached one million pre-registrations and with this new milestone reached, Tower of Fantasy is unveiling a new trailer which is rather intriguing. So what does this A-RPG have in store for us?

In 2022, new A-RPGs will enter the market and among them we find Tower of Fantasy, a title which should arrive this summer and which could overshadow one of the big games of 2020, but what interests us today is the new level reached and a rather mysterious trailer.

One million pre-registrations already reached for Tower of Fantasy!

Since June 27, players can pre-register in order to be sure to be able to play the game on release and thus collect the many rewards that await them. As we told you in the previous news which was linked to this subject, you will have to reach the 2.5 million mark to validate all the levels, but what is rather reassuring is that the first million is already reached when we are only 8 days away from the opening of the latter.

Having reached a plateau is good, but what do you gain? This is what we will see now since the second level is crossed, you will be entitled to the following rewards:

  • 500,000: 1 Avatar Frame, 2 Black Nucleus, 10 Wholegrain Bread, 2888 gold.
  • 1,000,000: 1 Limited Title, 3 Black Nucleus, 10 Fried Chicken, 4 Weapon Battery II.

    There are therefore three levels to reach before its release, which has no precise date, so it is very likely that 2.5 million will be reached. If you have not yet registered, do not hesitate to do so on the different iOS and Android platforms . Note that the game will also be available on Steam and Epic Games Store , but pre-registrations are not present there so register via the official site .

Tower of Fantasy Unveils Global Version Trailer

The second subject of this news is the new trailer that was released today. This is the trailer for the global release and the latter is quite intriguing. Indeed, we see a young girl and a man pointing his gun at her. We therefore understand that his objective is surely to kill her, but he has trouble doing it. Indeed, he says he can't and he trembles, but in the end, he shoots her and we find the young girl unconscious.

Subsequently, we see her plugged in everywhere in a rather special room. It looks like she was used as a guinea pig in an experiment. From what the trailer shows, she would have lost her memory since she doesn't know who she is or where she is. Nevertheless, the video ends with the invitation intended for you to discover what is hidden behind the history of Tower of Fantasy.

Tower of Fantasy: What configuration do you need to play it?

Tower of Fantasy has announced its release date for August 11, and the new open-world MMORPG will be available on PC and mobile. Here are the different technical characteristics to take into account on your different devices in order to take full advantage of your new trip.

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