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LoL — Lucian's Wife Senna joins the Rift

LoL — Lucian's Wife Senna joins the Rift

Trapped into Thresh's lantern, Senna is one of this character that's part of League of Legends' lore while not being a playable champion. However, Lucian's wife will soon join the Summoner's Rift... and a video of her gameplay has just been unveiled!

Update — October 29

Apparently, Senna's R is MUCH stronger that we thought...

Update — October 28

We were expecting it and it's now here! The first glimpse at Senna's gameplay was just unveiled! Lucian's wife will be the 146th champion to be added to League of Legends. Little information for the moment except that the champion seems to have a stealth spell (a bit like Pyke), a CC but above all a colossal ultimate that seems difficult to avoid in the laning phase.

Senna should be shipped to the PBE on October 29 — meaning we will have further information about her abilities at this moment!

Original Article

Assumptions are well underway regarding the identity of the next League of Legends champion. For several weeks now, we have been talking about an ADC with magical damage called Aphelios. The champion would be from the Shadow Isles and would fight for the good after the region was devastated by a gigantic cataclysm.

Following the release of a new video entitled Dark Passage featuring Lucian in the grip of his demons, the identity of the new champion could be quite different. Indeed, we see the gunslinger remembering the painful confrontation he had had with Thresh — a confrontation that cost him his wife's life.

It seems that Aphelios is actually Senna, Lucian's wife whose soul was imprisoned by Thresh.

League of Legends

Both Senna and Lucian were Purifiers, Sentinels of Light. After the cataclysm that struck the Shadow Isles, the spectral creatures of this cursed place began to appear throughout Runeterra. As a couple, they defeated many enemies without ever weakening until they came across Thresh. The sneaky guard then succeeded in imprisoning Senna's soul with deception and breaking Lucian's heart at the same time.

So why could the new champion be Senna?

First of all, Thresh no longer seems to have a soul at the beginning of each game (normally Senna's is permanent) which would suggest that Senna is indeed free.

League of Legends
League of Legends

Also, mysterious fog clouds appeared near the fountain in the PBE — and this effect is usually a mark of spectral creatures such as Thresh.

League of Legends

The presence of these clouds can be found in the latest news on Lucian published on the Universe website. In "Homebound", the Purifier once again faces his sworn enemy. Despite all his efforts, he only managed to scratch Thresh's lantern and failed to free his wife. The video published today follows this confrontation. At the end of the story, Lucian sets sail to pursue Thresh to the ends of Runeterra ... the Shadow Isles. He only pronounces one sentence in this short teaser "It ends now". So he returns to where it all began, confronts Thresh one last time and frees his love.

Yes, but even if all these clues seem promising, it is said that Senna is definitely lost. Lucian's chase is only a quest for the eternal rest of his love — and not his liberation.

"He knows that Senna's soul is lost, but never loses hope that one day he will bring her peace." — that's what you can read in the champion's bio.

"He would carve away the anger and keep his promise. All that mattered was putting her to rest. In his heart, he knew it would be his final deed. He hoped to hear her voice one last time." (Homebound).

So Senna or not, will Riot Games find a twist to explain how she could have escaped from the lantern and regain human form? We should soon have the answer...

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