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LoL, TFT: Brand gets nerfed with a quick hotfix

LoL, TFT: Brand gets nerfed with a quick hotfix

Without a doubt, the six Mage composition is currently the strongest line-up that you can build in Teamfight Tactics, notably because of Brand. There is nothing that can withstand a doublecast Pyroblast. Fortunately, Riot Games just announced his nerf.

LoL, TFT: Brand gets nerfed with a quick hotfix

First of all, we thought the Lights were the best composition that you could build in Teamfight Tactics. Then, we discovered that the Blademasters driven by Yasuo and Master Yi were stronger. Eventually, none of these compositions were actually the best, since the Shadow Summoners proved themselves to be completely broken.

During this whole time, the Mages were at the bottom of our Tier List. They felt underpowered, totally irrelevant, and no one was expecting them to be dominating the Convergence. But they did.

In the past week, some clever minds discovered that a good Ocean Six-Mages composition was something all of us should be afraid of. Especially because of Brand, the good old Pyromancer that was already present in the first Set.

He was performing so much that some of us slowly but steadily started to hate him — not because we viscerally dislike the character, but because we felt he was completely overpowered. Fortunately, Riot Games heard our complaints and announced a nerf that was pushed via a quick hotfix.


• Mana increased: 0/85 → 0/90

• Spell Damage reduced: 300/450/600 → 250/325/400

• Spell Bounces increased: 5/6/20 → 5/7/20

"This means with four Oceans he needs an extra auto to cast, and his total damage output is down ~17% and more spreadout, which is less valuable damage," said Riot Mort on Twitter.

Will it be enough to counterbalance the incredible domination of Mages? It remains to be seen.

Ranked games are back alongside Patch 9.23 with a bunch of changes!

Patch 9.23 will not only tweak lot of champions and traits to balance them, but will also bring ranked games back to Teamfight Tactics! Are you ready to grind the ladder and snatch that Grandmaster border?!

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