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LoL 1v1: Rules of Engagement for the Ideal Duel

LoL 1v1: Rules of Engagement for the Ideal Duel

With All-Star upon us, it's time to take a look at an important part of League of Legends culture. We've all had that moment where you just know you're a better player than someone else. And we all know there's only one way to prove it — defeat them in a 1v1.

LoL 1v1: Rules of Engagement for the Ideal Duel

If you're a true gentleman, embued with a real esportsmanlike spirit, then you know there's only one true way to prove your League of Legends mastery — the one versus one.

Some will dismiss this type of fight as childish or useless — just celebrating ego in a game built for teamwork. If that's the case, how do you then explain why mid laners are the real celebrities, how you justify that incredible feeling of obliterating your opponent and proving your point?

The 1v1 is the heir to the classic duel, and while pistols nor swords are involved, it has certainly kept its essence. When you confront someone in this kind of fight, not only your skill is at stake, but your honor too.

No 1v1 should be organized between players of lesser honor, but instead only between true gentlepersons. For this reason, specific rules and manners should be observed.

Rules & Manners

The 1v1 format is pretty easy to understand, but rather hard to master.

  • The two duelists need to play in the same lane, most typically mid.
  • All champions are allowed — however, the public will certainly judge you should you lack the courage to step out of your comfort zone. In other words, Akali isn't recommended, nor is Conqueror Cassiopeia. Playing 1v1 requires guts, and 'going for the safe option' is the way of cowards.
  • The first player to either claim the first kill, reach 100 CS or destroy the first tower prevails. There is no alternative to this golden rule. Urf has spoken.
  • You shall never spam the laugh emote nor any other that might show disrespect to your opponent. Even if he's a filthy EU player.
  • You should never type EZ in the chat after a victory. You will lose all credibility, and shall never be considered a gentleperson again.
  • Building a Mejai's Soulstealer is considered the highest degree of banter. Winning with such an item will ensure your opponent's eternal humiliation.

Whether in defeat or in victory, the true gentleperson always concludes a duel with 'GG'.

The Magma Chamber

At a certain point, Riot Games realized that the 1v1 was probably the format of the future. In 2012, we had the pleasure of discovering a potential new map, destined for 1v1 and 2v2 battles: the Magma Chamber. However, Riot eventually renounced the project, once they grasped the magnitude of the chaos they were about to unleash.

This project may now be dead, but gentlepersons don't require a dedicated map anyway. Summoner's Rift is perfectly fine for these duels, and should one wish for a more hardcore duel, then Howling Abyss shall suffice.

However, should one be curious, you can see what it looked like below.

The All-Star 1v1 Tournament

Once a year, following MSI and Worlds, one tournament remains for pro players to assert their dominance on the Rift: the All-Star 1v1 Tournament.

Starting in just a few hours from now, this event will be the opportunity for celebrities and pros to once again display their gentleperson's attitude proudly.

Last year, EU wunderkind Rasmus 'Caps' Winther seized victory following an incredible run that saw him go undefeated against 31 other professional players.

Caps' gentlemanly attitude remained steadfast throughout the entire event, as he played with both style and a smile.

However, all bets are now off come the 2019 edition of All-Star. Will Caps manage to keep his cool once more, especially in the face of a potential showdown with Doinb — his nemesis at Worlds?

All-Star 2019 Event — Bwipo is the new 1v1 champion, Tyler1 saves NA pride

Set in Las Vegas for the 2019 edition, the All-Star event returns from December 5 to 7 with its share of surprises and spectacular shows. 1v1 Tournament, Tandem Mode competition, Charity TFT Tournament, and Showmatches — it's hype-o-clock!

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