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LoL — Dev Corner: Impact of the pre-season & shop for prestige points

LoL — Dev Corner: Impact of the pre-season & shop for prestige points

In the latest Dev Corner, Riot Games gives us its first feedback on the impact of the pre-season changes, and also announces a Prestige Point store that will open on December 12.

LoL — Dev Corner: Impact of the pre-season & shop for prestige points

In the latest Dev Corner, Andrei van Roon (Riot Meddler) communicated the upcoming changes to League of Legends.

He makes it clear that they are by no means definitive, and are above all tracks that Riot will probably use to get Season 10 off to a good start.

On the agenda is feedback on the impact of the pre-season changes, Patch 9.24b, and the deployment of a special shop for Prestige Points.

Jungler performance since Preseason began

Preseason brought many changes in the jungle, with the advent of the Elemental Drakes. After a few weeks, the development team took stock: 

  • The management of experience in the jungle and kill participation must be adjusted.
  • There are no more experience bonuses in the jungle when you are in a bad position; this values a good performance from a jungler. Be careful though, the benefits and snowball effect shouldn't be too high...
  • Some game styles are much too weak against other styles (tank against carry, farmer against ganker, etc.)

Patch 9.24b

Patch 9.24 will be the next patch. 9.24b will be released a week later, but no additional content will be present.

The content of Patch 9.24b will be based on Summoner's Rift and TFT. It'll adjust the changes made in 9.24, such as the modifications to Conqueror.

Support Items

Just like for junglers, supports were a little shaken by the new items introduced solely for that role.

Riot will probably make adjustments so that the gold difference between two supports isn't too significant just because of items.

Map Changes

Since Preseason began, the death of the second elemental dragon has caused terrain changes to Summoner's Rift.

Riot studied the winrate of each champion according to the element that covered the map — the latter became very stable, with only about 1% difference in winrate from one element to another for all champions.

League of Legends

Prestige Points

You'll be able to use your Prestige Points in a special shop from December 12.

Many items will be available for sale at a price below 100 Points.


Patch 9.24 and the following patches will mainly adjust the Preseason changes, especially regarding overly high snowball effect seen in the jungle or botlane with the new support items.

Teamfight Tactics Patch 9.24 notes: Preseason ends with a few balance changes

Rise of the Elements still feels a bit unbalanced and, before the end of the year, Riot is bringing some quick balance changes to make sure their new set is going to bring harmony into the Convergence.

Nam Fish

À contre-courant, comme un poisson dans l'eau...

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