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Hearthstone — Saviors of Uldum Top Legendary Cards

The Saviors of Uldum meta is taking its first steps but some legendary cards have already shown their efficiency. Do you want to invest your dust properly when crafting cards? Well, read this on!

Hearthstone — Saviors of Uldum Top Decks

Saviors of Uldum isn't here yet, but streamers and pro players don't have time to lose: they already built a lot of different decks! Fancy a new OTK decklist? Well, you found the right place. Read on!

Saviors of Uldum Complete Cards List

The Saviors of Uldum, the next Hearthstone expansion, will be released on August 6 and with it 135 new cards. Find all the cards already revealed in the article below!

Hearthstone's Quests return!

Discover the new Quest cards that will appear with the arrival of "Saviors of Uldum" — Hearthstone's next expansion!

Hearthstone's New Keyword: Reborn

Discover "Reborn", the new keyword that will appear with the arrival of "Saviors of Uldum" — Hearthstone's next expansion!

Hearthstone's New Card Type: Plague

Discover the "Plagues", the new type of card that will appear with the arrival of "Saviors of Uldum" — Hearthstone's next expansion! Make hellfire rain upon the Board!

Discover Dog's Control Mage

Without Baku the Mooneater and Jaina the Frost Lich, the Control Mage needed to be completely reinvented for Rise of Shadows. Here is the decklist used by Dog to win the Masters Tour Las Vegas.

Masters Tour Las Vegas: Top 8 & Dog's Decklists

Find the lineups of the 8 best players of the Las Vegas Masters Tour, including European players Hypno and Kalàxz. You can collect their basic deck, but also see the differences with their secondary and tertiary decks and use them for your tournaments.

Team Liquid player Dog wins Las Vegas Masters Tour

350 players will gather in Las Vegas to win the Masters Tour, with the new competitions format of 2019. Here is all you have to know about the players, prize pool and format. You can find all the information here.

Hearthstone, Pogo Rogue deck, Rise of Shadows

The Pogo Rogue deck has become popular with the buffs of June, 3 on Hearthstone. Some versions are quite powerful, even in the Top Legend ladder. Here are those of Dog, Meati and Casie.

Hearthstone, Freeze Mage Deck

The buff of cards of June, 3 brought back life to some cards, as the Luna's Pocket Galaxy. Oliech involved it and integrated it to a list which is the Freeze Mage.

Hearthstone Decklist after Rogue nerf, May 22

After drastic nerfs of the 3 Rogue cards, the meta will also be totally shaken because most of the decks were played with this class in perspective. We offer you some decklists which will stand out in the new upcoming meta.

Bosses in Hero Mode changed by a Hotfix of May, 24

Some bosses were potentially ill-balanced in the Hero version of Dalaran Heist. Blizzard didn't bother waiting and implemented a hotfix in the night of May, 24. Here is the list of all changes.

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