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Why You Can't Dress How You Want in Cyberpunk 2077

Why You Can't Dress How You Want in Cyberpunk 2077

Feeling distinctly unfashionable in Cyberpunk 2077? Here's why the potentially stylish outfits you choose aren't going to help you in the long run.

Why You Can't Dress How You Want in Cyberpunk 2077

You've likely seen the tagline in Cyberpunk 2077 that looks are everything. That's why everyone is always augmenting their bodies with cybernetics and changing their mortal shell in Night City. With so many different ways to change your physical body in the game, it's clear that developer CD Projekt RED was always looking for players to express themselves through their cybernetics as well as the clothes they wear.

Unfortunately, in Cyberpunk 2077, you can't truly express your personality as much as you'd like, at least when it comes to your clothing. After you customize your V at the beginning of the game and set out on your life path, your first outfit depends on who you grew up with and around, but changing clothes is up to you from there.

Just don't expect to be able to put together the stylish looks you've seen in the advertisements for Cyberpunk 2077. Here's why you won't be able to make your dream outfits and why they don't matter in CD Projekt RED's latest game.

Credit: CD Projekt RED - Cyberpunk 2077
Credit: CD Projekt RED

As you progress through Cyberpunk 2077, you'll find plenty of clothing items lying around Night City. You'll also be able to purchase them from vendors. There's a wide variety ranging from shiny jackets to hotpants and everything in between. Eventually, you can even snag Johnny Silverhand's entire outfit, down to the aviator glasses.

But when it comes to assembling outfits, you'll have to save looking good for Photo Mode. Unfortunately, each one of the clothing items you pick up in-game has its own armor rating. This changes from item to item and applies to each article you wear. You'll have to inspect each piece to see how it affects your overall rating.

This means you'll have to pick out potentially unattractive clothing to make sure you're protecting yourself from enemies instead of what you think looks cool or stylish for V. This may be a strange oversight in a game that's all about changing your looks to your liking, but that's how you'll have to play if you don't want to be constantly downed in battle.

Credit: CD Projekt RED - Cyberpunk 2077
Credit: CD Projekt RED

It's always possible that this could change later on in Cyberpunk 2077's life cycle. There could be DLC added or additional patches later on that allow you to look more like your very fashionable counterparts throughout Night City. The citizens look as though they could have stepped off the future runway, and you just can't look as polished as them if you want any semblance of protection.

We'll have to see how the game shakes out over the next few months. For now, however, if you want to make sure you're defending yourself against the enemies scattered throughout Night City, you may be stuck dressing like an overzealous toddler.

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