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How to become a mentor in Final Fantasy XIV

How to become a mentor in Final Fantasy XIV

If you're looking to help other players and get a little crown next to your name in FFXIV, here's our guide on how to become a mentor.

How to become a mentor in Final Fantasy XIV

The mentor system is one of Final Fantasy XIV's options to enable players that wants to help other Warriors of Light. becoming a mentor is no easy task, here's what you need to do in order to get your own crown.

There are four types of mentors in FFXIV:

  • The Trade mentors
  • The Battle mentors
  • The PVP mentors
  • The "Global" Mentors

Each of these types of mentors is unlocked in a different way, and is represented by a different crown next to your character's name.

The Smith

You can become a mentor by talking to any Hall of the Novice NPC available in big cities or various locations like the entrance of the Copperbell Mines dungeon.

How to become a Trade Mentor in FFXIV

To become a Trade mentor you will need to:

  • Gather or catch 300 collectables.
  • Synthesize 100 collectables.
  • Reach level 80 in any Disciple of the Land class.
  • Reach level 80 in any Disciple of Hand class.

How to become a Battle Mentor in FFXIV

To become a Battle mentor you will need to:

  • Complete 1,000 dungeons, raids, or trials.
  • Receive 1,500 player commendations.
  • Complete any level 80 tank role quest.
  • Complete any level 80 healer role quest.
  • Complete any level 80 melee DPS or ranged DPS role quest.

How to become a PVP Mentor in FFXIV

To become a PVP mentor you will only need to become a Battle Mentor.

You will then be able to change your research info to PVE or PVP mentor without any unlock requirements.

How to become a Global Mentor in FFXIV

To unlock the unique Mentor crown you will need to have obtained both Battle and Trade mentor status.

The big crown will then be available right away.

Being a full-fledged mentor will also unlock a brand new Roulette for you. Finishing it a given number of times will get you exclusive rewards and even a mount after 2,000 completions. The mentor roulette will group a mentor with a party of new players most of the time.

The mentor system has been created to help new players so being a mentor comes with responsibility!

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