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How to unlock Wraith Operator in Warzone Season 3

How to unlock Wraith Operator in Warzone Season 3

Wraith is the newest Operator arriving to Warzone's roster. Here's how to unlock them.

How to unlock Wraith Operator in Warzone Season 3

Season 3 of Warzone is here! Verdansk as we know it has drastically changed and a wealth of new content has arrived including brand-new Operators.

Wraith is the main antagonist of the new season, and is available to all players as the new season gets underway.

Find out how to unlock this particular Operator below!



How To Unlock Wraith Operator In Warzone

Unlike some Operators, there is no need to purchase a bundle from the in-game store using COD Points.

Rather than spending the points on the bundle, simply purchase the Season 3 Battle Pass to unlock Wraith who will be available at Tier 0, meaning players will have immediate access to the new Operator.

As with the release of new Operators, a variety of challenges will also be available in order to unlock a range of unique Operator Skins.

Season 3 of Warzone gets underway on April 22nd.

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