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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Arriving in the Village

Resident Evil Village: Complete Walkthrough
Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Arriving in the Village

We begin our Resident Evil Village walkthrough by arriving in the village in question, and meeting its inhabitants. Between arming himself and finding valuable supplies, Ethan will already have a lot to do.

Welcome to our Resident Evil Village walkthrough. In this article, we'll guide you through each step of Ethan's journey, with exploration tips along the way so you can better understand the trials ahead.

In this first part, you just have to let yourself be carried away by the scenario, with a little item farming leading to Castle Dimitrescu.

Note: This walkthrough focuses on the unfolding of the story. However, you can find a multitude of more specific guides on our portal, or in our guide index available at the bottom of the page.


You start your adventure in Mia and Ethan's house. First, you will have to take Rose to her room by taking the door to Mia's right. Go up the stairs, turn left, and enter the first door on the right.

Return to Mia once Rose is asleep.

A new series of cutscenes will be triggered, after which Ethan wakes up in the snow. Now the horror can begin...

Follow the path through the snowy forest to the first wooden hut. The game will take the opportunity to explain some basic commands and give you your first fright. Here, the game introduces you to the possibilities of interaction with the environment.

For the rest, go to the cellar then open the cupboard at the end of the room. Turn around for a script to trigger. Follow the noises and head under the furniture to access the next room.

Turn back and go outside so that the first light of the day reveals a barrier to be stepped over. There's no need to start digging at this stage of the game; just enjoy the magnificent panorama of the village.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Once you have descended the hill, climb the steps on your left and continue your journey, passing near the tractor and the Goat of Warding. Continue on this path until you reach the house with the half-open white door. You will find the knife there, stuck in a piece of furniture, and which will prove to be very practical for breaking the various containers throughout your future explorations. A little further into the house, interact with the curtain to trigger a new cutscene.

Now, the serious matters will begin, but first you have to get out of this hell.

Progress among the corpses until a zombie appears - it's time for your first fight. As usual in the series, aim for the head and don't forget to dodge. Aim true, as ammunition is precious.

After having killed the zombie, search the surroundings: the dilapidated hut to recover a Herb and a Chem Fluid, two basic ingredients which when combined will make it possible to make First Aid Meds.

On your map, you will notice that the building turns blue once it has been emptied of all its objects.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Bolt Cutter

To open the gate and exit, return to the hunter's house and collect the Bolt Cutter located on a shelf. After having cut the padlock and crossed the gate, go directly into the house opposite to interact with the radio.

Barricade the front door and go upstairs. A supply of ammo will help you to face the wave of enemies that looms. The first zombie will drop Gunpowder, necessary for crafting ammo.

After the horde leaves, return to the radio to listen to Luiza's message inviting you to join her at her home. You can start to search the eastern part of the village and take the opportunity to gather resources. Start with the house in the left corner: you will quickly come across one of your best friends - the Shotgun.

This should help you get through the barrage of monsters that is preventing you from reaching the northern part of the village. Before long, the game will ask you to survive a continuous stream of enemies, led by an unhappy Urias.

Analyze your surroundings: the house just above contains Rifle ammo, and a barrel of powder at the entrance. Shoot it when zombies come knocking on the door. Another barrel is placed a little higher in the path, near the closed red gate.

Survive until a cutscene kicks in and you're swung right into the middle of the horde.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Where to find Luiza's house

After the cutscene, follow the witch: go through the church courtyard, and enter if you want to save on the Typewriter and recover the Maiden Crest. Then, take the path at the bottom to the wheat fields.

Before venturing there, remember to thoroughly search the house just beforehand to retrieve the Mine and ammo scattered on the way. You don't have to kill the enemies in order to progress: you can simply run through the large gate after the fields to trigger a new cutscene in the adjoining storeroom.

After the cutscene, go through the window at the back and climb onto the blue tarpaulin on the left, then the low wall. Go back and open the door to let Helena and her father in.

After the small incident at Luiza's place, go to the kitchen and open the leftmost drawer of the green furniture: you will find the Truck Key. Examine the push button on the keychain to find the Screwdriver. Then, go back to Helena and start the car by climbing up the passenger side.

After several cutscenes, climb up into the attic and go through the window to escape. Once back on the ground, open the small altar near the gate with the Screwdriver to find the Demon Crest.

Insert the two Crests into the Castle Gate and rotate them to form the correct image. Enter the cave and follow the path until you can interact with a lever and meet Heisenberg for the first time.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

How to escape Heisenberg?

A cutscene is triggered and you find yourself tied up, having to fight your way through until your reunion with Urias. After a slip you will then land in jail of sorts: a spiked iron grid on the ceiling threatens to crush you, so dash to the left of the room to break the fence and open up the path.

This time there's a new spike trap trying to cut you down. To protect yourself, hide in the recess, just below you to the left on the way down. Go under the roller once it is immobilized.

Continue straight through the torture rooms to return to the first room, the one where you met Heisenberg. You will now be able to operate the lever to reach a new area and meet a new villager: The Duke.

You can now access Dimitrescu Castle.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village
Walkthrough Part 2: Castle Dimitrescu

We guide you through the many rooms of the imposing Castle Dimitrescu, in second part of our complete Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

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