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Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Castle Dimitrescu

Resident Evil Village: Complete Walkthrough
Resident Evil Village Walkthrough: Castle Dimitrescu

We guide you through the many rooms of the imposing Castle Dimitrescu, in second part of our complete Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

It's time to enter Lady Dimitrescu's great castle in this second part of our complete Resident Evil Village walkthrough.

Your mission here is to recover four masks which unlock access to the last area of the castle. To do so, you will have to cut through the ranks of nobles who haunt the area.

Entrance to the castle

Start by turning right to pick up the 500 Lei placed on a box, then take the door on the left. Continue down the hall until you reach the Hall of the Four. Here you'll find the merchant's room, where you can save and meet the Duke.

Try to open the large, locked door to trigger a cutscene that marks your meeting with the three daughters of Lady Dimitrescu. They will drag you to their mother, who will hang you from the ceiling. To escape, look up to the right for a prompt.

Wounded but free, you will have plenty of time to search the room and recover the Crimson Glass. Go into the next room and open the fireplace grate, leading to a secret passage. Collect the Maroon Eye Ring on the statue to open a new route.

Before exiting, examine the ring and remove the scarlet eye, which will be of use later. The hallway you find yourself in connects the bedroom to the large hall. Once out of the wall, take a left towards the Hall of the Four, in which you will notice that four statues have appeared.

You will have to complete them all to be able to open the sealed door. The Duke then appears in the merchant's room. Chat with him, refuel as needed, and get back on the road.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

The door at the top of the stairs to the Hall of the Four is now open. Consider unlocking the shortcut just to the right leading to the vestibule, as it might come in handy later.

Then, climb the new stairwell. Take the right hallway to the Prioress Door, and unlock it using the gem from the Maroon Eye Ring. Sprint to the wardrobe to escape Dimitrescu's daughter, where you will find a passage in the wall hidden by planks.

Dive into the hole and proceed in this new secret passage to the last alcove, under which you can crawl. Wait for Dimitrescu to leave and enter the wine cellar: take the ammunition just to your right. Continue into the only corridor available.

In the Hall of War you will come across a physics-based riddle that will ask you to shoot a hanging torch in order to light two braziers. Once complete, it will reveal a passage.

Go deeper into the prison-like cellar, taking the time to thoroughly search each cell. Halfway, you will come across a troop of zombies equipped with sickles -- keep your distance as far as possible and knock them out: it shouldn't be difficult to scatter them.

Keep in mind that the room forms a U-shape. Once in the second part of the room, go to the back left where a hole pierces the ceiling: the place is guarded by an enemy with a sword, a little tougher.

Go up the stairs. Once upstairs you will be attacked by one of Dimitrescu's daughters, but for the moment just flee down the main hallway until you reach a new series of steps.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Dimitrescu's first daughter

At the top you will be attacked again, but this time with a chance to retaliate. When exposed to air (by breaking the window), she becomes vulnerable to bullets. At the end of the fight make sure you backtrack to properly search the cells.

Once the rooms are blue, return to the kitchen to retrieve the bottle of Sanguis Virginis. A little further, a gun mod awaits you in a suitcase, as well as your first lockpick. If you feel like it, you can use it directly on the dresser just behind you to retrieve a wooden angel (treasure).

Unlock the dining room door to the room near the Hall of Four. Take the stairs back to the Wine Room: install the bottle you picked up on the base at the back of the room, and this will unlock a secret passage to a box containing the Courtyard Key.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Escape Dimitrescu's daughter by heading to the closed dining room door, which leads to the courtyard. At the bottom right, you will find another door to push and a white staircase.

Along the way you will find a map of the castle. You will then come across a room with a pool of blood and a little riddle. The plaque at the back gives you the instructions: you will have to turn the statues so that they look in the right direction.

Turn the big lady once, the young lady once, and the group of peasants once. The pool of blood will then empty to reveal a door in the ground. Proceed into the flooded cellar by getting rid of the enemies. Be careful, they may surprise you when they get out of the water.

Be sure to craft some ammo as well, as there are plenty of enemies. Interact with the yellow handle, at the back of the last room, which will take you upstairs. Use Dimitrescu's Key near the candles on the left wall. You will unlock the door and a cutscene with Dimitrescu.

Back in the dungeon, go to the hole in the wall and crawl. A lever on the right wall unlocks the gates. Search the area until you reach a second yellow lever.

A cutscene is triggered, Ethan will have his hand cut off. Let her chase you and walk around her as soon as possible to get your hand back. By the time the door opens, take a little turn to make it run and take a lead, then take the stairs down.

You arrive in front of a door to unlock with the Dimitrescu Key, then in front of a statue on which to retrieve a mask -- the first of four that will be placed on the statues in the hall.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Return to the courtyard where enemies appear. Go to the gilded door, where Dimitrescu's Key will serve you once again. You will then have access to the Opera Hall, in the northern part of the courtyard.

Recover the Castle Map to the right of the stairs, and go upstairs to the door on the left. Go down to the Opera Hall and play the score displayed on the piano: the keys will light up, and for non-musicians you will be guided in the choice of notes.

You will have to compose the song in this order, starting from the left keys: 15 / 12 / 14 / 13 / 13 / 16 / 15 / 16 / 17 / 17.

Collect the Iron Insignia Key. Be careful, as Dimitrescu may make an appearance. Go up the stairs to the first hall and open the door with the Iron Insignia Key.

Once in the library, you will have to face the second daughter. She is very easy to beat -- just interact with the handle on a wooden column in order to let the air in and make her vulnerable to your ammo; repeat this three to four times depending on the difficulty of the game chosen to overcome it.

Enter the Hall of Joy to retrieve the Mask of Joy.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Where to find the five bells and the roof

You will then find a room closed by an iron door, where you will have to solve a riddle with bells. Shoot the five bells:

  • On the desk when entering
  • On the cabinet behind you
  • In the left candlestick (pull from the platform to reveal it)
  • In the mechanism inlaid on the wall
  • Outside (look at the ceiling from the platform)

This will reveal a new secret passage in the wall, behind Dimitrescu's portrait. Climb up the ladder and go to the end of the attic, taking care to take the treasure map on the table in the middle of the room.

At the end, you can retrieve the sniper rifle, just before reaching the rooftops. In this new area you will start by unlocking the elevator that leads back to the hall. Do not hesitate to use it if you want to sell your treasures to the Duke and save.

Walk along the ledge until you can progress on the roof tiles, then go to the other side, climb the new series of stairs in front of you and rush towards the zip line. All the while you'll need to shoot down or dodge winged enemies -- good practice for the new sniper rifle.

The Mask of Rage awaits you at the end.

Then, lower the ladder, which will bring you back to the start of the area. Take the elevator and go to the Duke. Return to the Main Hall and climb the steps, then turn right to open a new door with Dimitrescu's Key.

The Mask of Pleasure awaits you behind, but removing it will block the door. Go under the fireplace just to your right, then continue to advance to a workshop.

Collect all items here, including the pipe bombs.

Resident Evil Village
Resident Evil Village

Dimitrescu's final daughter

Dimitrescu's third daughter will then appear. Have her run around the room so that you can remove the shelf stuck to the wall. Chuck a bomb at the chipped wall to create a draft that will make her vulnerable to your ammo.

Take the Mounted Animal Skull from the wall, examine it to unscrew it from its base, and then insert it into the Statue of Pleasure to open the gate.

Now that the four masks are in your possession, go to the Hall of Four to place them on the statues. If Lady Dimitrescu comes to play, go directly to the Duke while she leaves.

Once the large castle door is open, go to the bottom of the cult tower to open the coffin and collect the dagger. Lady Dimitrescu will finally show her true face.

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