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How to earn the HARP Killstreak in Warzone

How to earn the HARP Killstreak in Warzone

As part of Warzone Season 4, Raven Software has added a brand-new Killstreak into the battle royale. Find out how to obtain the HARP and what it does in this handy guide!

How to earn the HARP Killstreak in Warzone

Season 4 of Warzone is well underway and as part of the latest season of post-launch content for the battle royale, Raven Software quietly added a brand-new Killstreak into the game. The High Altitude Reconnaissance Plane, otherwise known as the HARP, the Killstreak has the potential to swing the momentum of a match into the favor of any players that manage to obtain it.

The HARP is not available to purchase at the Buy Stations that are scattered across Verdansk, meaning that there is a specific process for those that want to get their hands on it during a match.

In this guide, find out how to gain access to the HARP Killstreak and how it works.

How To Unlock The HARP In Warzone

In order to obtain the HARP, players must head towards one of the several Satellite Crash Sites that are all over the map. Once there, begin the process of performing a Satellite Uplink that works in a similar fashion to how the Recon Contracts work.

A full list of Satellite Crash Site locations can be found below:

  • Krovnik Farmland: In the middle of a farmer's field close to the eastern edge of the map.
  • Bloc 18: Near a village outside of the Salt Mines.
  • Bloc 16: In the riverbed close to the Airport Control Tower.
  • Gora Bridge: Next to the bridge leading to the Promenade Fairgrounds.

Once the Uplink has been completed, players can earn plenty of high-tier loot including a Loadout Drop which is ideal if the squad is running short on cash.

Alongside the Loadout Drop, the HARP Killstreak will also be dropped. Simply pick it up to earn it!

What Does The HARP Killstreak In Warzone Do?

The HARP operates in a similar way to the Advanced UAV Killstreak which has been present in Warzone for several months. Once active, the HARP provides 90 seconds of complete map coverage, revealing the locations of every single player in the lobby that doesn't have Ghost equipped.

It even shows the direction that the players are facing in, giving you the ideal opportunity to score plenty of kills in quick succession.

While it may be a slightly lengthy process to earn the HARP, the potential to earn a match victory when it patrols the skies is certainly worth it.

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