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Warzone players frustrated with "killer door"

Warzone players frustrated with "killer door"

Season 4 of Warzone has remained relatively bug-free but players have managed to discover a glitch involving a door that kills players when they attempt to go near it.

Warzone players frustrated with 'killer door'

Season 4 of Warzone continues to thrive in its early stages thanks to the additions of brand-new content to the popular battle royale. The new season of content has seen brand-new weapons added to the arsenal, new points of interest to explore, and a brand-new limited-time event where players can earn a wealth of unique and exclusive cosmetic items.

Thanks to regular updates from Raven Software, Warzone has had very few bugs in recent months but players have managed to uncover a bizarre glitch that has transformed a door into a deadly weapon, much to the annoyance of players that have fallen victim to it.

Find everything about the killer door, including its location, in this article!

Warzone Season 4 Door Glitch

Reddit user "Rxelik_" was one of the first players that discovered this bizarre issue involving a door that can be found in the large building south of the abandoned Salt Mines.

The clip shows the player running towards the door before being downed for an unknown reason. It's obvious that the door has nothing to do with the new fast-travel system, but it is very strange to see a seemingly harmless piece of scenery deal so much damage to unsuspecting players that stray too close to it.

This particular issue is the second significant bug to feature in Season 4 of Warzone after the infamous invisibility glitch appeared alongside the addition of Armored Trucks to standard battle royale modes.

When Will The Door Glitch Be Fixed?

Considering the huge impact that the killer door is having on players, it's likely Raven Software will be implementing some kind of fix for the bug as soon as possible despite the developer failing to mention the issue on its regularly-updated Trello board.

Until the issue is fixed, we recommend staying well away from the door.

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