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LoL TFT Cheat Sheet — The Millenium Advanced Guide to Teamfight Tactics!

LoL TFT Cheat Sheet — The Millenium Advanced Guide to Teamfight Tactics!

Do you already know all Teamfight Tactics champions by name? Do origin and class synergy no longer hold any secrets from you? Then it's time to move on to the next level with our Advanced Guide!

LoL TFT Cheat Sheet — The Millenium Advanced Guide to Teamfight Tactics!

Do you feel that you've already grasped all Teamfight Tactics basic knowledge? Then, this article is made for you!

New permanent mode of League of Legends, Teamfight Tactics undergoes a weekly update cycle, meaning the meta is constantly evolving and shifting towards specific strategies. Whether it is the items, the economy, the positioning, or the composition of your team — numerous RNG-based factors will directly impact your final ranking.

That being said, Teamfight Tactics isn't the kind of game you'll master in a few games. It takes a lot of time and dedication to grind the ladder — trust us on that — however, the Diamond rank isn't unattainable at all. Do you want to become a TFT Master? Then, these tips and tricks might help you.

Value Items above all

Items are more than essential within Teamfight Tactics — to such a point that final rounds are often won by compositions which held the best possible items. You will get a random number of items from PvE rounds, and you will have the possibility to pick one item per Caroussel phase.

Precisely, we strongly suggest you aim at items instead of Champions during this phase. Obviously, if you're missing one Kayle to complete your Tier 2 units, your strategy will be a bit different. During the first Caroussel phase, it's also more interesting to aim for a 2-gold champion since you will be able to sell him almost immediately. Doing so, you will be able to buy more 1-gold champions — thus increasing your chances to find the ones you're looking for.

Aim at Gold thresholds

Since you're gaining money from your 10% interest, you need to articulate the way you're building your economy around thresholds. If you have banked 10 gold, then you'll receive +1 gold at the start of the next round — and so on until you're gaining 5 golds per round. This money is your safeguard and "building your economy" often means that you need to reach 50 golds. In order to do so, you'll need to play with decimals, but don't worry: dividing by 10 isn't that hard...

Roll and pre-roll

During the alpha, the hard roll — i.e. refreshing the shop before level five in order to get three-stars champions as soon as possible — was a real strategy. However, it's now quite a risky strategy that we won't suggest. Best champions of the current meta are at least 3 gold cost units, meaning you won't be able to level them up to three-stars faster enough to make this strategy efficient.

Therefore, we strongly suggest you roll the shop in these situations:

  • If you're aiming at a Noble composition, you will most of the time need to roll before level five in order to reach at least two-stars with all your core champions (Garen, Vayne, Fiora, Lucian). Keep in mind that your chance of getting Tier 1 units will actually decrease as soon as you're hitting level five.
  • If you're aiming at any Legendary piece, do not roll before level eight: your chance of getting one before are too weak.

Usually, rolling means you will destroy your economy, so you need to find the proper time to do it.

Leveling Up

There is no mandatory rule on leveling up — except that you need to adapt to each situation.

Level 4

  • You can level-up to four before the first PvP round if you feel your composition is already strong enough — if you already have two-stars champions for instance. It will help you start your win-streak, thus building your economy thanks to snowballing. However, it's most of the time more interesting to use your golds to buy different units or to roll once or twice just to get your two-stars units.
  • Leveling up to four will increase your chance to get Tier 3 Champions, such as Poppy. For instance, having four Knights before the first PvP round is one of the best early-game lineups.

Level 5

  • You need to level-up to five before the Krugs round — since you can't risk losing the items that they might drop.
  • If you level-up to five just before the second Carrousel, you will increase your chance to get better Tier units.

Level 6

  • If you already bought XP twice, it's possible to level-up to six just after the Krugs round by spending 12 gold. However, you should do that only if your composition is already strong and that your win streak is running.
  • At level six, you only have a 0.5% chance to get a Tier 5 Champion... but it's still a possibility.
  • In any other situation, it's more interesting to level-up to six when you reach 10 or 18 XP — meaning you'll need to speed respectively 20 or 12 gold to reach level six.

Level 7

  • Reaching level seven entirely depends on your economy. You should only do it if you still have 30 gold available after leveling-up.
  • Level seven means you're aiming at Tier 5 Champions, so keep in mind that you'll need a huge pile of gold to get them AND leveling them up to two-stars.
  • Overall, you should always ask yourself: "What's my best upgrade?" If all your Champions are already two-stars and you feel that going for three-stars isn't worth it, then adding another unit to your board by leveling up your Little Legend might be the best solution.

Buy Champions that you don't need

  • Let just pretend that you have a two-stars Vayne and that you're aiming for three-stars. The number of Tier 1 Champions contained within the shared pool of Champions is actually finite — meaning that you will indirectly increase your chance to get the Champion you want by buying other Champions from the same rarity/cost.


  • This is the Teamfight Tactics Golden Rule: adapt yourself to the RNG in a similar way to a card game player who would adapt his strategy according to his hand.

Written by Julien "Imso" Hubert. Translated from French by

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