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LoL, TFT: Champions Tier List updated with Patch 10.5

LoL, TFT: Champions Tier List updated with Patch 10.5

Rise of the Elements will soon make way to Galaxies, which means their reign is about to end — but for now, they remain at the top.

LoL, TFT: Champions Tier List updated with Patch 10.5
Update: March 09

This Tier List corresponds to Patch 10.5.

We will update it accordingly to the next patches.

That's it, Rise of the Elements made its big entrance into the Convergence. Say goodbye to Yordle, to Gnar, to Akali, because they disappeared into the limbs of Runeterra. Teamfight Tactics has undergone a complete overhaul with the introduction of new origins, new classes, new champions, and new items. Overall, while the first set seemed heavily focused on Classes, Rise of the Elements seems to shed the light on Origins.

A new set doesn't mean that the game itself changed and if you felt frustrated along with the first one you might feel the same here. After all, TFT is still an RNG-based game... However, after several hours of tryhard, we can directly express how different this new set feels. A lot of different strategies — including open-forting and hyper rolling — seems now possible, and the outcome of the game appears much more dictated by your decision making than your item drops.

Obviously, if one of your opponents is crawling under items, he will probably end up first — but if he does a mistake, it's now possible to beat him. That's especially true since some compositions still hard counters others: Blademasters destroy Rangers, Summoners and Mages get obliterated by Wardens and Poisons, etc.

Keep in mind that a lower-tier champion is supposed to be weaker than a higher-tier. This feature is absolutely intended. However, among the same Tier, some champions revealed themselves to be stronger. As a consequence, we drafted this Tier List to make your life easier!

Also, if you struggle to understand how to properly build your compositions, do not hesitate to check our Compositions Tier List:

Compositions Tier List
Teamfight Tactics

What do you think of this Tier List? Do you believe some champion should be placed in another Tier?

Our opinion matters, don't hesitate to invade the comment section!

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