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First look at the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Pass

First look at the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Pass

New Little Legends, Arenas, and Booms are coming in the new Pass

First look at the Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning Pass

The latest Teamfight Tactics Set, TFT: Reckoning, is due to release in patch 11.9; and we're slowly getting more and more previews on all the content!

The Reckoning Pass, as with any other TFT Set, will allow players to gain cosmetics and Little Legends eggs. For 1295 RP, players can get the Pass+ which gives even more content such as Booms, Arenas, and a new Pengu Little Legend!

As usual, purchasing the Pass+ at a later point, will retroactively grant everything unlocked until that point.

Infernal Flock - Teamfight Tactics
Infernal Flock
Prismatic Smite - Teamfight Tactics
Prismatic Smite
Wings of Fury - Teamfight Tactics
Wings of Fury
Rune Surge - Teamfight Tactics
Rune Surge

To help defeat enemies, the Pass includes new Booms, as seen above.

Booms aside, however, the main villain of the show is Chaos Pengu. Pass+ will grant Chaos Pengu at one and two stars, and the Pass will grant the Star Shards to reach three-star Chaos Pengu.

Teamfight Tactics

Little Legends

Joining (or perhaps opposing) Chaos Pengu in the Convergence, are a new set of Little Legends. These Magical Misfits can have their rare eggs purchased for 750 RP, or their epics for 925 RP.

Dowsie - Teamfight Tactics

Looking to add a mystical mer-mage to your party? Look no further than... wait, where’d that Dowsie go? Oh, right—Dowsie can adapt to nearly any surroundings, so you’ll have to lure them out with something.

Fenroar - Teamfight Tactics

Legend has it that the spirit of a Fenroar was once found in the world of Runeterra under the moniker, “the Devourer’s Wolf.” Fenroar are fiercely loyal warriors.

Nimblefoot - Teamfight Tactics

A cunning master of speed, traps, and thievery, Nimblefoot quickly turns any journey into a mischievous misadventure. Their enchanted red pouch can hold anything and everything, from gold to orbs to… wait, is that cheese?


In addition to the Pass arenas, Reckoning brings two interactive arenas. First off is the Count Spatula Arena.

Suited perfectly as Chaos Pengu's secret lair. Featuring a win-streak powered Spatula, live band, fabulous portrait, and an ambiance just perfect for evil scheming... and/or romantic dinners.

After spending too much time in the dark and gloomy cave, the Splash Party Arena is likely the way to go!

With drinks available at the Scuttle Shack and grub on the grill, this is the perfect place to win streak and chill.

Coming to join the Splash Party are new Choncc variants! Coming in 11.9 will be: Splash Town Choncc, Lifeguard Choncc, and Sun Kissed Choncc.

Splash Town Choncc - Teamfight Tactics
Splash Town Choncc
Lifeguard Choncc - Teamfight Tactics
Lifeguard Choncc
Sun Kissed Choncc - Teamfight Tactics
Sun Kissed Choncc

Reckoning Bundles

Reckoning Pass+ Arena Bundle - 2260 RP ($17.99 Mobile Price)

  • Reckoning Pass+
  • Count Spatula Arena

Reckoning Adventurer Bundle - 7150 RP ($54.99 Mobile Price)

  • Reckoning Pass+
  • 11 Magical Misfits Eggs
  • Count Spatula Arena
  • 150 Star Shards

Pool Party Bundle - 7150 RP ($54.99 Mobile Price)

  • Splash Party Arena
  • 9 Pool Party Choncc Eggs

Reckoning Starter Bundle - 3200 RP ($24.99 Mobile Price)

  • Reckoning Pass+
  • Dowsie 1-Star
  • Fenroar 1-Star
  • Nimblefoot 1-Star

Reckoning Little Legend Bundle - 6500 RP ($49.99 Mobile Price)

  • Dowsie 1-Star
  • Fenroar 1-Star
  • Nimblefoot 1-Star
  • 600 Star Shards
  • 5 Magical Misfits Eggs

Reckoning Megabundle - 19,500 RP ($149.99 Mobile Price)

  • Reckoning Pass+
  • 27 Magical Misfits Eggs
  • Count Spatula Arena
  • Splash Party Arena
  • 260 Star Shards
  • 9 Pool Party Choncc Eggs

Ranked Rewards

Not only will we be seeing all the new content for the new set, but we should also expect to see the Ranked Rewards for Fates come through in patch 11.10!

Players who reached Gold or higher at any point during Fates will receive the Victorious Protector Little Legend. Players who reached Gold in both halves will also get the Fates-theme Triumphant Protector.

On top of that, players who hit Gold or higher during the Festival of Beasts will be awarded a Protector emote!

Champions, Trait and Items for Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning

The new Set should be released soon, so here is the rundown on all the Champions and Traits!

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