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Teamfight Tactics' new Set and release date announced

Teamfight Tactics' new Set and release date announced

In the latest TFT Dev Drop, we caught a glimpse of some of the upcoming features and the new Set!

Teamfight Tactics' new Set and release date announced

Riot Mortdog, the Lead Desginer for Teamfight Tactics, shared a sneak peak of the new Set coming to the game, as well as a new game mode! If all goes to plan, TFT: Reckoning will arrive with Patch 11.9 on April 28th.

Champions and Skins

The next Set coming to TFT is based on a Good vs Evil battle, Light vs Dark, Order vs Chaos. Going off of what was shown in the video, this will include: Dawnbringer Riven, Nightbringer Yasuo, Viridian Kayle and The Thousand Pierced Bear skin for Volibear.

We also get to see a clip from the game, which shows a variety of dragon skins - namely Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger, Fae Dragon Ashe, Dragon Oracle Udyr, as well as an Aurelion Sol chroma seemingly for his Stormbringer skin. It is likely that these, possibly along with the Championship Shyvana we see, will make up the Draconic trait.

Going against them in the clip is a more 'Good'-themed team, comprising of Warden Nautilus, Warden Gragas, Justicar Aatrox, and Dawnbringer Soroka.

Later in the video, we see a small clip of a team made up of Championship Kha'Zix, Grey Warwick, and Dawnbringer Nidalee; with Warden Gragas too.

With multiple Warden skins, Dawnbringer skins, and Championship skins, I would hazard a guess that these three will make up some of the Traits/Origins.

Special Champions

Perhaps at the centre of the Set are God-King Darius and God-King Garen. These represent opposites, and are "extra powerful against opposing forces". Does this mean every Champion will fall under a Good or Evil category, and the God-King's will gain bonuses against their opposite type? Mortdog said players would have to choose carefully, so maybe the decision should be based on whether your opponents are going Good or Evil?

We also saw Teemo, Little Devil Teemo. Teemo will cost 0 Gold, but will instead cost Health, meaning that a 3-Star Teemo is going to hurt.

Finally, we saw Ruined Draven. Will he fit into a generic Evil Trait? Or will the Ruined skins come together to form their own?

That's all the Champions we know so far coming to Teamfight Tactics: Reckoning!

Teamfight Tactics


The only new Origin discussed was Draconic, talked about with Championship Shyvana, Dragon Trainer Heimerdinger, Fae Dragon Ashe, Dragon Oracle Udyr, and Aurelion Sol on the screen.

Each round played with the Draconic trait active will add an egg the the bench, which will hatch after a few turns.

"What does it hatch into? Sometimes it's more Draconic Champions, sometimes it's...something else".

Teamfight Tactics

TFT Labs

It seems that Teamfight Tactics is taking a page from the Legends of Runeterra book, introducing Labs which will introduce new ways of playing the game.

The first one will feature a faster way to play the game. Hyper Roll has players start on 10 Health, losing one HP for every lost round; rising to two and three later on. The Neutral Minion rounds, item drops, Carousel rules, and levelling system have all changed to support a quicker game.

The aim for this game mode is to have players in and out of a game in around 15 minutes; perfect for whilst having lunch!

The Labs will give the developers ideas on the types of modes and gameplay that players enjoy, helping them to make choices and choose their path when creating new content. Popular Labs will likely stay around longer, while less played modes will be swapped out sooner.

First look at Space Groove skins, coming to League of Legends soon!

Featuring disco balls and flares, these groovy skins are on PBE now!

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