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TFT Patch 10.14 Notes: Big changes for Urgot

TFT Patch 10.14 Notes: Big changes for Urgot
Table of Contents
  • Champion Balance Changes
  • Trait Balance Changes
  • Item Balance Changes
  • System Changes

A lot of balance changes, especially targeting Star Guardians, will soon hit the Convergence alongside a big nerf for Aurelion Sol and Vayne!

TFT Patch 10.14 Notes: Big changes for Urgot

Patch 10.14 will hit live today, and the current meta of Teamfight Tactics will certainly be shaken upside down! With this update, Riot are bringing massive changes to Star Guardians by reducing their Starting/Total Mana while nerfing the mana share brought by the Trait effect.

Star Guardians should still be able to burst tons of spells and damage, but conferring the Trait to another champion thanks to the Star Guardian's Charm will definitely be less interesting.

In the process, Riot Games seized their nerf hammer and struck with all their strength on Vayne and Aurelion Sol. From OP to bad, the Starship is oscillating since he was released on the Convergence — and at this point, we don't really expect him to be properly balanced anymore.

Several other minor changes are impacting TFT this week, including a quite nice buff for the Celestial trait... so check them out!

Table of Contents

Champion Balance Changes

  • Tier 1: Jarvan, Poppy, Xayah, Zoe
  • Tier 2: Mordekaiser, Rakan, Yasuo
  • Tier 3: Ashe, Ezreal, Karma, Neeko, Shaco, Syndra, Vayne, Vi
  • Tier 4: Fizz, Irelia, Jhin, Jinx, Riven, Soraka, Viktor
  • Tier 5: Aurelion Sol, Janna, Urgot

Trait Balance Changes

  • Celestial, Cybernetic, Sorcerer, Star Guardian

Item Balance Changes

  • Giant Slayer, Ionic Spark

System Changes

  • Neeko Boxes, Ties, Galaxies
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