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Teamfight Tactics: Set 4.5 Origins Class Guide

Teamfight Tactics: Set 4.5 Origins Class Guide

Two things are essential in Teamfight Tactic: origins and classes. These generate synergies that make your heroes more powerful. Here is the cheat sheet for the class synergies that are available with TFT Set 4.5.

Teamfight Tactics: Set 4.5 Origins Class Guide

The synergies are essential mechanics that you can't ignore in Teamfight Tactics. Here are all the synergies you need to know for Set 4.5, Festival of Beasts.

There's two types of synergy: Origins synergies and Class synergies.

For a synergy to be active, you need to have a specific number of heroes of different types on the battlefield at the same time.


Adepts calm the flow of battle, reducing the Attack Speed of all enemies by 50% for a few seconds at the start of combat.

(2) 2 seconds
(3) 3.5 seconds
(4) 6 seconds

Eligible Heroes: Irelia , Shen , Yone


Innate: At the start of combat, Assassins leap to the enemy backline. Assassins gain bonus Critical Strike Damage and Chance, and their spells can critically strike.

(2) +25% Critical Strike Damage & +10% Critical Strike Chance
(4) +60% Critical Strike Damage & +30% Critical Strike Chance
(6) +100% Critical Strike Damage & +55% Critical Strike Chance

Eligible Heroes: Diana , Pyke , Akali , Katarina , Talon


Brawlers gain bonus Health and Attack Damage

(2) 400 Health and 10 Attack Damage
(4) 700 Health and 20 Attack Damage
(6) 1000 Health and 60 Attack Damage
(8) 1600 Health and 120 Attack Damage

Eligible Heroes: Tahm Kench , Maokai , Vi , Nunu, Shyvana , Chogath , Sett


Innate: Duelists gain bonus Movement Speed. Duelists' attacks grant Attack Speed, up to 8 stacks.

(2) +15% AS per Stack
(4) +25% AS per Stack
(6) +40% AS per Stack
(8) +60% AS per Stack

Eligible Heroes: Fiora , Yasuo , Jax , Kalista , Tryndamere , Lee Sin


At the start of combat, Keepers grant themselves, and all adjacent allies, a Shield for a duration. This Shield is 50% stronger on Keepers.

(2) 150 shield, 8 seconds
(4) 200 shield, 10 seconds
(6) 275 shield, 12 seconds

Eligible Heroes: Elise , Jarvan IV, Rakan , Kennen , Xayah , Azir


Mages cast twice and have modified Spell Power.

(3) 80% of their total Spell Power
(5) 105% of their total Spell Power
(7) 135% of their total Spell Power

Eligible Heroes : Brand , Twisted Fate , Annie , Lulu , Veigar , Aurelion Sol


All allies gain Magic Resistance.

(2) 40 Magic Resistance
(4) 120 Magic Resistance
(6) 300 Magic Resistance

Eligible Heroes: Janna , Yuumi, Neeko , Shen , Zilean


Sharpshooters' attacks and spells ricochet to nearby enemies, dealing reduced damage.

(2) 2 ricochets with 65% reduced damage
(4) 3 ricochets with 45% reduced damage
(6) 4 ricochets with 30% reduced damage

Eligible Heroes: Tristana , Nidalee , Teemo , Sivir , Samira


Slayers gain Lifesteal that increases at lower Health, and deal bonus damage that increases based off their target's missing Health.

(3) 15 to 30% Lifesteal and 20 to 45% Bonus Damage
(6) 25 to 50% Lifesteal and 30 to 75% Bonus Damage

Eligible Heroes: Zed , Pyke, Darius, Olaf, Tryndamere, Samira


All allies heal for some of the damage they deal with spells and attacks.

(2) 10% for Allies, 40% for Syphoners
(4) 25% for Allies, 100% for Syphoners

Eligible Heros: Nasus Vladimir Morgana Swain


Executioner attacks and spells always critically hit targets below a certain percentage of health.

(2) 33% health
(3) 66% health
(4) 99% health

Eligible Heroes: Kindred, Kayle, Xayah


Vanguard champions gain bonus Armor and Magic Resist

(2) 100 Armor and 20 Magic Resist
(4) 250 Armor and 40 Magic Resist
(6) 500 Armor and 70 Magic Resist
(8) 1000 Armor and 100 Magic Resist

Eligible heroes: Wukong, Garen, Nautilus, Braulm, Aatrox, Sejuani, Ornn


(1) The Emperor deploys with two Sand Guards who can be placed anywhere on the battlefield. They do not move or attack, and die when their Emperor does

Eligible Heroes: Azir


(1) After participating in combat, Blacksmiths will begin forging an Artifact item. The higher their star-level, the faster they work. Once the Artifact is complete, it will become available to bestow upon an ally. Each ally may only equip one Artifact.

Eligible Heroes: Ornn

Original content by Jean-Vincent "Durvil" Cannata.

The Festival of Beasts is coming to TFT in 2021

The latest TFT mid-set update, coming in Patch 11.2, will swap out 20 current champions, introduce new traits and a battle pass, and feed you enough balance changes to ensure you'll be lost for half of its run.


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