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Here's how to kill Mohg, The Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Here's how to kill Mohg, The Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

Return match for the Omen, a fearsome boss with special bleeding mechanics at the end of Mohgwyn Palace. Here is a strategy guide with a video of tips and advice to more easily achieve victory.

Here's how to kill Mohg, The Lord of Blood in Elden Ring

For odd reasons that lore experts will have to explain to us, there are two versions of Mohg in the Elden Ring, and killing one doesn't make the other go away. The first, Mohg the Omen, is under the capital. The second, who is far more powerful, Mohg Lord of Blood, is found in Mohgwyn's Palace. It is of him that we are going to speak here.

Where to find Mohg, Lord of Blood?

You have two options to reach this boss, there faster is to carry out the continuation of quests of the church of the rose. It theoretically allows you to confront Mohg Blood Lord very early in the adventure, but unless you are in New Game Plus mode or are very good, it is probably suicide.

The second solution is to go to the Mohgwyn Palace. All you have to do is make your way through the area. Its first section is fantastic for farming Runes too.

Elden Ring
Elden Ring

Mohg's Shackles

As with Mohg the Forsaken, a good way to make your life easier is to find a lost item in the sewers of the capital. You have to go down the ladder on the right after the point of grace of the underground path, then go down from pipe to pipe until you reach the bottom of the basin with the 2 giant lobsters, which will give you a bad time. In the area, there are Mohg's Shackles, a reusable object that will paralyze the boss for a few moments by knocking him to the ground, twice per attempt . The principle is the same as for Margit's Shackles, sold by Pat, which work on Margit and Morgott. But be careful, this object does not work during the second phase, when the boss takes out his wings. It is therefore better to use it at the beginning of the fight.

Elden Ring

Blood Marks and Purifying Crystal Tear

A specificity of the fight against Mogh is that during his first phase, at different thresholds of his life, he will magically place 3 blood marks on the player. They form 3 red circles around your character. It is not possible to dodge them as far as we know or prevent this, at least with a normal approach to combat. Maybe a one shot build of the boss would get around the problem. During his transition to phase 2, Mogh will recite an incantation and cause 3 major bleeds on your character , one for each mark, which will probably kill you if nothing is done . The boss will also heal itself for each bleed. There are 2 ways to counter this, the first is to heal yourself with the right timing between 2 bleeds, but it's not easy since they interrupt your actions. The second option is to use the Purifying Crystal Tear found on Eleonora at the end of Yura's quest in your Vial of Miraculous Salvation. Using it a little before the phase transition will completely block the 3 bleeds, but not the boss' heals.

Elden Ring


  • In addition to the obstacles mentioned above, and especially the Purifying Crystal Tear, having a lot of vigor and an efficient build will greatly facilitate things.
  • Talismans that reduce physical and fire damage are a big help in this fight.
  • You can craft and use consumables that increase resistance to fire, physical damage and bleed will help you well. Using a coating for your weapon will also help you defeat the boss faster.
  • This boss is resistant to Fire, Bleeding, and Scarlet Rot.
  • Using fire resistance spells, as well as Anti-Bleed Pellets, or a spell that removes ailments will make the fight easier.

Phase 1

  • The beginning of the fight is similar to that against the other Mohg, apart from the 3 marks of blood which will be inflicted on you gradually.
  • The confrontation is not especially difficult once the movements of Mogh have been assimilated. His massive trident swings are devastating at long range, but they're easy to dodge once you understand his chain. Roll under his 3 attacks then attack!
  • You have to beware of the boss's blood splashes, he loves to send them when you are at long distance. A forward or backward roll (depending on your fighting style) is better than a sideways roll, since the splash is wide. The blood inflicts damage, but not too much, it's not that you should be wary of, but the fact that it catches fire afterwards. Staying in the flaming blood pools is a good way to die in record time. If Mogh has thrown too much blood into the combat area, for example by triggering the melee rain of blood, it is better to flee and force him to follow you to another part of the room, rather than risk wading in the flames.
  • Finally, Mohg has a few fire spells, like the fire claw, which causes an explosion in front of him a moment after being cast. A simple sideways roll will protect you from this.
Elden Ring

Phase 2

  • As mentioned above, Mohg will start casting something at 50% health, which will cause you 3 devastating and unavoidable bleeds without having consumed a Vial of Salvation with the Crystal Tear. Anticipate a little by consuming it before, then take advantage of the few seconds of incantation of the boss to inflict as much damage as possible.
  • Things are really going to heat up here, Mohg must have put some Red Bull in his blood, and wings are sprouting from him. He will use dive attacks similar to those of the Knight of the Crucible. They can be dodged with the right timing, or by stooping it seems.
  • The staircase present in the area can be a fantastic ally or your worst enemy during this phase , depending on your weapon and your position. It is better to place yourself below, so a lot of the boss' attacks will go over your head . His erratic movements, however, do not help to maintain this position. If you are higher than the boss, ducking will not protect you from his side attacks or his flying attacks.
  • Fire attacks will be much more numerous during this phase, both direct ones, but also via blood on the ground. Do not hesitate to flee in order to face the boss in an area a little less covered in flames. If you used fire resistance spells and consumables, this phase is much more tolerable.
  • All of Mohg's attacks, and even flames will fill your bleed gauge. Keep an eye on it in order to use coagulating pellets in time.

This guide has been translated from MGG France by bxakid and was originally written by Raiden Robin.

Here's how to kill Mohg, The Omen in Elden Ring

The Capital hides more things that you might thing and here's how to defeat Mohg, one of the optional boss in Elden Ring with our video and written guide

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