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How to craft Grave Dust in V Rising

How to craft Grave Dust in V Rising

Grave Dust is one of the 3 ingredients needed to summon the level 30 Boss Putrid Rat to your castle in V Rising.

The production of grave dust in V Rising is going to be necessary to summon the Putrid Rat, an enemy to aspire to obtain the rat form in your vampiric powers. With this transformation, you will be able to blend in with the most simple decor in the world.

Build the grinder

The crusher is one of the essential workshops for the expansion of your castle, since after having improved the heart for the first time , you will be able to place many more borders and finally build yourself a monument worthy of your greatness thanks to the stone walls. We will come back to this in a dedicated guide, but stone walled rooms are very important since they automatically generate a roof, which will protect you from the sun during the day. But let's get back to business, as with our guide to stone bricks, the element that may block you are whetstones, to be found in bandit camps. We detail all this in the guide below:

Grave Dust Recipe

Once you have the grinder it's quite simple, you just need to supply the workshop with bones. Like all automatic crafting factories, the production time will also depend on the level of blood essence available in the heart of your castle.

grave dust

  • 100 bones for a dust
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