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Iron V Rising: Where to find this ore and how to harvest it?

Iron V Rising: Where to find this ore and how to harvest it?

After the Stone Age, the Iron Age, but to succeed in making the iron ingots necessary to improve the heart of your castle, there will be work. In this V Rising guide, we show you where the famous iron ore deposits are, and how to exploit them with your weapons.

Another material blocked by a power limit of objects in V Rising: to reach iron and its famous ingots, you will have to whip a little more than for leather and stone bricks and put yourself to reading, by potashing all additional craft plans from the first design office . We will come back to this workbench and its operation in another guide, it is above all the position of the veins and the level of power to be reached that will interest us here .

Iron Lode: Where to find it?

You will have to venture very high on the world map to obtain the veins of your dreams and start producing your ingots in the furnace. Go to the spot indicated on the marker in the first image below: there is always iron there and the risks to be taken remain average. For more caution, we recommend that you make the blue set available in the design office, it should make your life much easier by allowing you to survive the onslaught of mobs in the area more easily.

V Rising

Once you are better equipped, you can try to harvest the haunted mines, located in the heart of the map, for PVP sessions that are likely to make noise.

Power level required

You will need to tap the iron veins with a tool of at least 12 power to start harvesting the ores. You will be entitled to about 70 units of iron per vein , knowing that you will need 20 pieces to create an ingot in your furnace. Remember to create several furnaces, in a room dedicated to the forge, this will allow you a much better performance. After all this effort, you can take advantage of the ironwork workshops and consider building the throne to control slaves , but also improve the level of the heart of your castle to take it to a whole new stage.

V Rising
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