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Tom & Jerry MultiVersus: Moves, perks... How to play them?

Tom & Jerry MultiVersus: Moves, perks... How to play them?

Tom & Jerry the cat and the mouse, best enemies who rocked our childhood with their escapades join the playable characters of the current roster of Multiversus. Here is a guide to better understand their combat skills.

Tom & Jerry MultiVersus: Moves, perks... How to play them?

Tom & Jerry is a Mage/Hybrid class character in MultiVersus. To unlock it, you will have to pay either 3000 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket .

Tom & Jerry

Ever since they first laid eyes on each other, Tom and Jerry have had a complicated relationship. As a housecat and a mouse they should be mortal enemies, but the two have nonetheless teamed up many times over the years. Like many “toons,” Tom & Jerry fight with a zany, madcap style and display nearly indestructible levels of durability. They’ll be great champions to have in the battle against the Nothing so long as they can stop fighting each other long enough to do it.


Passive Skills

If one of Tom's allies picks up Jerry, they will get a STRENGTHENED, increasing the DAMAGE they deal, and briefly HASTENED, increasing their speed.

While separated, if Tom uses Grounded Neutral Normal, Jerry will shoot a cork towards Tom. Any other Normal attack will have Jerry shoot a cork in the direction Tom is facing. Jerry can fire multiple corks until out of AMMO and they will refresh when he is picked up.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral : Tom CHARGES a swing with a tennis racket that can REFLECT.
  • Laterals: A COMBO of swings with a large mallet.
  • Top: CHARGE an attack where Tom uses a paddle ball above his head. The longer you CHARGE, the more bounces the paddle ball makes. You can move side to side during the attack.
  • Bottom: CHARGE a pounce attack forward that BREAKS ARMOR. CHARGING increases the distance of the pounce.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral : Same as ground attack.
  • Laterals : Two fast swipes forward.
  • Top : Tom slams two trash can lids above his head. The hit is strongest where the lids collide.
  • Bottom : Tom swings his frying pan downward.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Tom aims and fires Jerry as a PROJECTILE. If Jerry is away, Tom will shoot a tennis ball PROJECTILE towards Jerry. Tennis balls gain power if REFLECTED by Tom's tennis racket again. Tom can be fire multiple tennis balls until out of AMMO.
  • Sides : Tom will cast forward with a fishing pole. The fishing lure PROJECTILE will stay out until you release the input or the lure hits an enemy while traveling. The lure hits enemies when reeled in. The lure has a SWEETSPOT after its been out for a while.
  • Top : Tom straps Jerry to a rocket PROJECTILE. The rocket can be steered. If Jerry isn't with Tom, then Tom launches a rocket that locks onto Jerry. COOLDOWN applies.
  • Bottom : Tom will place a mouse trap PROJECTILE on the ground. COOLDOWN applies.
    Aerial : Tom drops a stick of dynamite PROJECTILE that will explode on its second bounce or if it hits an enemy. The dynamite gains power if REFLECTED by Tom's tennis racket. Tom can drop multiple sticks until out of AMMO.

Which assets to choose?

  1. Your team receives projectile speed increased by 20%.
  2. Your team's projectiles inflict 1 stack of ice when knocking enemies.
  3. Your team's projectile deals 7% increased damage to distant victims.
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