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Jake the Dog MultiVersus: Moves, Perks... How to play it?

Jake the Dog MultiVersus: Moves, Perks... How to play it?

Jake, Finn's best friend and lifelong companion from the fantasy cartoon Adventure Time, is a playable character on the current MultiVersus roster. Here is a guide to better understand his combat skills

Jake is a Fighter class character in MultiVersus. To unlock it, you will have to pay either 2000 gold coins, 700 Gleamium or 1 character ticket . Her skills are based on her elasticity and shapeshifting skills.

Jake The Dog

As far as Jake knew, he just happened to be born with his magical Stretchy Powers. He would find out far later that he was actually the offspring of a shapeshifter named Warren Ampersand. But no matter where he came from, Jake has created a happy life for himself as a hero and adventurer with his best bud, Finn the Human. When he’s not adventuring and punching major bad guy buns Jake likes to hang with his beloved wife Lady Rainicorn and their five Dog/Rainicorn/Shapeshifter pups.

Ground Attacks

  • Neutral : CHARGE a powerful spike ball swing that BREAKS ARMOR.
  • Laterals: A COMBO of punches ending in a belly bump.
  • Top: CHARGE an axe swing overhead. CHARGING extends the range of the swing.
  • Bottom: CHARGE a two way split kick that BREAKS ARMOR.

Air Attacks

  • Neutral : Jake expands his belly, knocks enemies forward, then COMBOS into a mallet spin that BREAKS ARMOR.
  • Laterals : Jake CHARGES and aims a stretchy punch that has a SWEETSPOT at the end of its stretch.
  • Top : Jake deals a COMBO of spike ball swings.
  • Bottom : Pull out a skateboard for some sweet tricks. If Jake lands on enemies or allies, he will bounce off and COMBO into a new trick. The third hit will apply IGNITED.

Special Moves

  • Neutral: Jake will eat nearby fighters, DISABLING them and carrying them in his tummy. Press input again to aim and spit fighters. Allies can input and aim to spit themselves out. Enemies receive maximum STACKS of WEAKENED. Allies gain ARMOR. Spitting a fighter makes them a PROJECTILE. COOLDOWN applies.
  • Laterals : Jake transforms into a horse and gallops forward. CHARGE to increase duration. His back becomes a platform for allies.
  • Top : Charge and stretch Jake's head upward while his buns stay behind. Enemies that touch Jake are knocked back. After stretching, Jake's buns become a PROJECTILE that snaps back to his head. Jake can only be hit on his head.
  • Bottom : Jake will transform into something heavy and slam to the ground. CHARGE to stay transformed. PROJECTILES that hit Jake will be REFLECTED. Fighters will bounce off Jake. If an ally bounces off Jake, Jake will emit a poof PROJECTILE that knocks away enemies.

Which Perks to choose?

  1. Your team receives an extra jump after hitting an enemy in the air.
  2. Your team deals 5% increased damage with airborne melee attacks.
  3. Your team resets airborne special moves after knocking down an enemy.
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