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Tower of Fantasy antacid varnish: where to find it?

Tower of Fantasy antacid varnish: where to find it?

In order to improve your weapons, but also to complete the Navigation on the Starry Path event, you will have to consume Antacid Varnish. In this Tower of Fantasy guide, we explain how to get them easily.

Antacid varnishes are useful for improving some of your weapons in Tower of Fantasy, especially Cocoritter's, to name just one. There are many ways to get it, but you still have to know them! That's why, in this guide dedicated to this resource, we explain how to get it easily.

Antacid Varnish I - Tower of Fantasy
Antacid Varnish I

Where to get Antacid Varnishes I?

Antacid varnishes can be obtained by completing various activities in Tower of Fantasy. By completing these famous activities, you will be able to obtain materials, including weapon improvement boxes. It is in the latter that you will be able to collect antacid varnishes, but not only. Indeed, other useful components to improve your weapons can be found there, such as nanocoatings. The more missions you complete, the more caches you can get to collect weapon upgrade materials.

Below, you can find different ways to obtain these famous chests.

By completing Bounties

Every day, you will be able to complete a minimum of 3 bounties . If you have not yet discovered the Banges region, you will not be able to participate in these small weekly activities. We invite you to continue the main story to access it.

Bounties are very simple, as you will only have to defeat opponents marked in purple on your map. For low level bounties, it will often be necessary to kill boars, named hyenas (Vicious, Udian the masked, etc) and many others. In about ten minutes, you will be able to collect several weapon enhancement boxes.

Tower of Fantasy

By earning weekly activity points

In addition to the bonuses, you can get 3 boxes by collecting 150, 450 and 750 weekly activity points. The quests are quite simple and are done over time. For example, weekly quests will require you to log into the game 5 times, complete 4 bounty missions, participate in Mi-a's cooking 3 times, open 5 password chests, and many more.

Also note that you can get some by completing challenges in the Explorer's Journal . It will be available once you reach the Banges region.

Tower of Fantasy

Inside Password Chests II

In the open world of Tower of Fantasy, you can find many points of interest to discover. In the latter, password chests II (purple in color) can be opened to obtain these famous objects. By following the interactive map, you can find the location of all the Password Chests II that contain Antacid Varnish I.

Note that these chests are also a godsend for obtaining other resources, but here we are focusing on the polish.

Source: tower-of-fantasy-map.appsample - Tower of Fantasy
Source: tower-of-fantasy-map.appsample

In Interstellar Exploration and Dimensional Trials

  • Interstellar Exploration : Every day, 6 stargates appear somewhere in the world. Borrow a Stargate to start a challenge in the Starrealm. Said challenge is a game mode with waves of enemies coming to attack you. Your mission will be to defeat them without dying.
  • Dimensional Trials : In a group of maximum 4 people, you will have to complete a challenge and win the rewards. It is a virtual training ground for military purposes where many opponents will come to make your task much more complicated.

    Rewards will be given in the Adventure tab and not at the end of the challenge.

Tower of Fantasy

In Tags omniferous

Available from level 28, players will have to collect collectors in order to obtain maximum points. The higher the rarities the collectors are, the more rewards they will be able to obtain. Just like the dimensional tests or the interstellar exploration, the reward will be given in the Adventure menu.

In the Weapon Shop

Within the Bazaar and more precisely in the weapon shop, you can buy antacid varnishes in exchange for black gold. This currency can be obtained by having duplicates of weapons you have already obtained in the Weapons of Choice banner.

Tower of Fantasy

How to obtain antacid varnish II and III?

You can get Antacid Varnish II or II by fusing Antacid Varnish I or II . By clicking on your antacid varnish reserve from your inventory, you can reach the "Merge" menu to modify the rarity of your varnishes by combining several of them of lower level.

  • Antacid Varnish I → Antacid Varnish II
  • Antacid Varnish II → Antacid Varnish III

    Moreover, in the activities mentioned above, but of a higher level, you will be able to obtain antacid varnish II or III. The means of obtaining are the same, but the levels required are on the other hand different.

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