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Nucleus Tower of Fantasy: how to get it easily?

Nucleus Tower of Fantasy: how to get it easily?

Do you have a high level of collection and want to summon for free to obtain simulacra on Tower of Fantasy? In this guide, we explain how to easily obtain useful red, black and gold nuclei to place an order.

If you want to invoke in Tower of Fantasy, you will be required to have in your possession a very special currency called Nucleus. It is divided into three different categories: the red ones which are useful for the limited banners, the gold ones which make it possible to invoke in the banner Profusion of weapons which is interesting thanks to its pity system then finally the black ones for the Weapons banners of choice. The latter happens to be the least interesting of the other two.

There are many ways to obtain these currencies and in this guide we will explain the different ways to obtain them.

Red Nucleus

To obtain red nuclei in a free-to-play way, you will have to use your dark crystals, otherwise the blue card will have to go through it. This currency can be obtained in many ways, including completing your weekly activities, climbing the ladder in the Ultimate League (PvP), progressing in the Explorer's Journal, completing the secondary missions of each region offered in-game, completing achievements and then exploring the open world.

Knowing that it takes 1,500 dark crystals to get 10 red nuclei, you will have to spend a little time in the game to collect some. At the beginning of your adventure, this exercise will be very simple, but the more you complete secondary missions, achievements and other exploration milestones, the less you can obtain.

If we have any advice for you, it's to use your dark crystals to buy this currency (red nucleus) and not the other items offered in the shop.


In order to offer you a small reminder that is quite easy to consult, here is a small summary of the different ways to obtain red nuclei.

Red nucleus

● Dark Crystal (150/u)

● Banges supply box (180 tanium)

● Tanium (60/u or 980 for 10)

dark crystal

● Complete your weekly activities

● Play Ultimate League PvP

● Advance through the Explorer's Journal

● Do the side missions of each region

● Complete achievements

● Explore and progress in your exploration

● Team reward

Dark Nucleus

This dark sphere generated naturally by the influence of the omnium allows you to take advantage of the Weapons of choice banner. The black nucleus is one of the easiest currencies to obtain in Tower of Fantasy, because by exploring the world you can find dozens of them. However, there are many other ways to obtain it, in particular as a reward for missions or events but also in the advancement of exploration.

The bounties will also be able to provide you with some from time to time, they are limited to 4 every day, so you should not hesitate to do them to collect this currency. Also note that the Pass may give you some from time to time, but this is not the best way to get some. Indeed, exploration remains the fastest and most reliable way to collect black cores, so if you see a small white diamond on your mini-map it will be a question of a black core playing hide and seek.

There are approximately 556 black nuclei to obtain in the open world (Aesperia), so you will have to roll up your sleeves!


In order to offer you a small reminder that is quite easy to consult, here is a small summary of the different ways to obtain black nuclei.

Dark Nucleus

● Exploration Advancement Reward
● Exploration (dandelion, rock oil deposit, etc)
● Reward of missions
● Event Reward

gold nucleus

This sphere, which emits a dazzling orange light, allows you to take advantage of banners such as that of Weapons Abundance. This is clearly the most common currency for so-called classic banners. You can find them quite easily, but less easily than the black cores.

Indeed, this coin is much less rare than red cores, but a little more than black cores. You will get it in smaller quantities, but the means of obtaining it are still much more numerous. In particular, you will be able to receive them as a reward for missions or successes, but also for the advancement of exploration. During certain events, you will be able to collect them. The simplest method is to open the supply modules located in the open world. For the less patient, you can take out your credit card to get some, but Tower of Fantasy already offers many ways to get some easily.

There are approximately 111 gold nuclei to collect in the open world (Aesperia), so don't miss this chance!


In order to offer you a small reminder that is quite easy to consult, here is a small summary of the different ways to obtain gold nuclei.

gold nucleus

● Rewards from missions
● Achievement rewards
● Exploration Advancement Reward
● Event Reward
● Explore
● Advanced pass
● Purchase in the shop for Tanium (paid currency) or dark crystals.

So ! Now you are ready to farm the nucleus to try your luck in the different banners offered by Tower of Fantasy!

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