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Tower of Fantasy routine: what to do every day to progress well?

Tower of Fantasy routine: what to do every day to progress well?

Tower of Fantasy offers a good number of activities to do, that we could lose our minds. Through this guide, we have concocted a small daily routine for you to progress effectively.

Tower of Fantasy routine: what to do every day to progress well?

Tower of Fantasy offers a wide range of activities to accomplish so that our character can progress. However, it can sometimes be complicated to know which activities to really focus on, at least for the day and with a little playing time. In order to guide you a little, you can find all the activities to absolutely do daily; some of them may have daily spawns, so don't miss them!

Do these 4 bounties

You are aware that Chips type I and II are necessary to collect to open password chests and only bonuses allow you to obtain them daily. This is why it is important not to forget to complete your 4 daily bounties in order to replenish the stock of these small access cards. However, you can also get gold and black nuclei, which will be a godsend for summoning addicts.

Then finally, for the most perfectionists, you will be able to obtain Weapon Improvement Boxes by completing the Primes, so you can improve your weapons, at the same time as your character; you run out of nanocoating or antacid varnish fairly quickly, so think about your bounties to collect some easily.

Also, for those who can't spend too much time on the game, Bounties are really simple to complete and won't take more than 10 minutes. So don't forget to make them!

Tower of Fantasy

Eat Mi-a's food

This daily task is very quick to complete: in less than a minute you can collect all the rewards offered by this activity. So even if you only log in to do simple tasks, take a quick trip to Mi-a's Kitchen, the rewards may come in handy.

In addition, you can collect a good number of experience points, enough to continue your leveling despite the level cap.

Tower of Fantasy

Do Boot Camps

If you want to buy gifts for your simulacra, training camps are the activity to do daily. Every day, two training camps will be at your disposal. Whether you are good or bad at the proposed activity, it doesn't matter, because the main thing is to participate and collect the Training Points that will allow you to buy Gifts for your weapons.

A word of advice: the higher the difficulty, the more points you will earn if you win, so make the right choice.

Each simulacrum has an awakening system which translates into affinity points, the more gifts you give to your simulacrum, the more affinity points it will earn and pass certain levels. These levels of awakening will give you access to databases, but above all to significant skill improvements. Therefore, train whether you are mediocre or not to simply recover these points.

Tower of Fantasy

Move up the PvP ladder

Moving up the PvP ladder whether or not you have the winning Meryl + Nemesis combo is important, because even with losses, you will still be able to earn rank points on wins, which will increase your end reward of the season. Indeed, you will be able to obtain dark crystals, enough to buy red nuclei to attempt the summoning of the terrible Nemesis for example.

In addition, the game will very often offer you bots, to help you rise despite the competition. So try your luck and try to climb the ladder daily to collect the big prize later.

Tower of Fantasy

Do the Joint Operation

Set foot in Joint Operations at least once a day. This activity will allow you to obtain pieces of equipment for your character, but also matrices which are sometimes useful for your simulacra. Even if the chance of getting SR or SSR rewards is low, do not miss this activity, because one day luck could be on your side.

Also, even if the equipment is not optimized for your level, you will still be able to recycle them to collect crystals which are useful for raising the star levels of your SR or SSR equipment (it is purely useless to consume this resource before you have a complete set optimized, otherwise you will spend your time breaking rocks to get some crystals).

Each joint operation has a specific day of appearance, so in order not to miss the one you need, it is best to do them daily so as not to have any regrets.

Tower of Fantasy

Place your Omniferous Beacon

Every 24 hours, you can place an omniferous beacon in the place of your choice (hide it, because other players can find it and steal your resources); once the time limit has passed, you can return to its location to collect the resources. Purple beacons have a low percentage of dropping a mock SR or SSR, so try your luck!

In addition, beacons provide useful resources for improving your character and your weapons, so don't forget to place it every day to optimize your collections.

Tower of Fantasy

Do Interstellar Exploration

Every day, 6 stargates appear somewhere in the world. By borrowing them, you will have to take up a challenge which consists in triumphing during certain waves of enemies. At times, Starseeds may appear and thus summon a hidden boss who can give you a bonus reward.

In approximately 20 minutes, you will be able to complete the 6 waves and thus obtain many resources for the improvement of your simulacra.

Tower of Fantasy

Donate to your Team

This task is very quick, but it tends to be forgotten, so don't forget to make the daily donation to collect honor, funds and merit which you can then exchange for relic shards or coins of equipment.

Tower of Fantasy

Claim Your Free Open World Rewards

Hopkins from the Banges Black Market will give you the choice between two surprise boxes that offer new rewards such as figurines for your simulacra. Therefore, think about going to see him every day to collect free earnings.

In the same vein, we also have the Cetus Island drink machine that will allow you to get a drink. It is next to the marquee, so go there daily to get a win.

Tower of Fantasy

Other activities are obviously to be done, in particular the Vortex, the Border Conflicts or even the Bygone Fantasies, but everything will depend on your level and especially on the teammates who will accompany you. Therefore, each week, remember to complete as many activities as possible so that your progress is as optimized as possible.

And finally, every two weeks you will be able to get a free Multi-Summon through the Clotho event, so don't spend your Dark Crystals and wait patiently for that bi-weekly reward!

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