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Disney Dreamlight Valley gemstone: List of gemstones and where to find them?

Disney Dreamlight Valley gemstone: List of gemstones and where to find them?

Here is a new Disney Dreamlight Valley guide to help you get gems. Whether it's garnet, emerald or aquamarine, you'll see where to find them to complete your quests or sell them at a good price.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally released this Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Early Access on all platforms. The opportunity for you to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. All means are good: whether it's exploring the open world by unlocking the passages of nocturnal thorns thanks to the Dreamlight, or going through the castle and its magic paintings. Today we are going to focus on gems, their usefulness and where to find them.

Gems: how to get them and what are they used for?

The usefulness of gems

Gems can be used for several things in Disney Dreamlight Valley:

  • You can sell them at Goofy's Stand to get a good price and get lots of coins,
  • You can offer them to the inhabitants , especially to Scrooge who loves precious stones,
  • You can sometimes use them to craft items,
  • You often have to use them to complete story missions or side quests. One of the main quests, for example, will ask you to place 3 different gems on statues.

    Be sure to keep at least one of each gem in your chests (you can create multiple chests to get more storage space). Even if it is tempting to sell them, very often you will be asked, for quests, to give gems to the characters.

Disney Dreamlight Valley
Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to get it?

From the start of the game, you will get a Pickaxe which allows you to mine the black rocks on the cliffs. Approach and break the rock until it disappears to free stone, coal and sometimes gems.

  • Smooth black rocks: even if no gem appears on the surface, it is possible to free one by mining,
  • Rocks with precious stones: some black rocks will directly show a stone on the surface (the color indicates which stone it is),
  • Always favor mining by being accompanied by a character whose profession is Extraction: this way, you will have a chance of obtaining double the number of gems.
Disney Dreamlight Valley

List of gems and where to find them

Note that each gemstone can be found in a different biome, as can the ingredients. Thus, for example, you will have a better chance of finding an Aquamarine on the Beach and an Emerald on the Plain. There are 18 gems but in reality only 9 different ones (each of the gems has a shiny, more expensive and rarer version).


Purple in color, this gem is most commonly found in the Forgotten Lands or the Frozen Heights.

resale price

Amethyst : 500 pieces

Brilliant Amethyst : 2000 coins


Sky blue in color, this gem can be found more particularly on the Enchanted Beach and in the Forest of Courage .

resale price

Aquamarine : 250 pieces

Brilliant Aquamarine : 1000 pieces


Orange in color, this gem can be found more particularly on the Sunny Plateau and in the Bayou de la Confiance.

resale price

Citrine : 380 pieces

Brilliant Citrine : 1500 coins


White in color, this gem is most commonly found in the Forgotten Lands.

resale price

Diamond : 600 coins

Brilliant Diamond : 2400 coins


Green in color, this gem is most commonly found in the Forest of Courage and the Bayou of Trust.

resale price

Emerald : 325 coins

Brilliant Emerald : 1300 coins


Red in color, this gem can be found more particularly in the Tranquil Prairie and the Esplanade.

resale price

Garnet : 160 pieces

Brilliant garnet : 640 pieces


Light green in color , this gem is most commonly found in Tranquil Prairie and Enchanted Beach.

resale price

Peridot : 200 pieces

Brilliant Peridot : 800 coins


Yellow in color, this gem can be found more particularly on the Esplanade .

resale price

Topaz : 240 pieces

Brilliant Topaz : 960 coins


Pink in color, this gem is most commonly found on the Sunny Plateau and in the Frozen Heights .

resale price

Tourmaline : 420 pieces

Brilliant Tourmaline : 1600 coins

Note that gems will be added later in the game: Mickey's "secret door" quest offers us, for example, a ruby and a sapphire, currently unavailable, and the workbench offers furniture based on Alexandrite or blue Zircon (this of course portends the addition of new biomes).

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