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1-star Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes: Crackers, raw vegetables... All the easy dishes

1-star Disney Dreamlight Valley recipes: Crackers, raw vegetables... All the easy dishes

In Dreamlight Valley, you can cook tasty meals to increase your characters' friendship level, complete quests or restore your energy. Here are all the 1-star recipes that can be made in the gameloft game.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is finally released on Tuesday, September 6, 2022 in Early Access on all platforms. The opportunity for you to discover this magical world and restore it by finding lost Disney and Pixar characters. All means are good: whether it's exploring the open world by unlocking the passages of nocturnal thorns thanks to the Dreamlight, or going through the castle and its magic paintings. Today we are going to focus on cooking and all the 1 star recipes available in the game!

All 1-star dishes in the game

In total there are 164 dishes available but only 17 with 1 star. Don't forget to regularly go to Remy's Restaurant to serve orders and earn friendship points with the characters. This guide is only intended to help you easily find all the 1-star dishes in the game in order to complete the quests and missions of the Path of the Stars as quickly as possible. To concoct all these recipes, you will need specific ingredients.


  • An important dish that will be asked of you by Mickey for one of his friendship quests to find Minnie,
  • Ingredient : 1 Wheat (just add 1 Wheat to the pot to get a Cracker.)
  • Energy : 80
  • Selling price : 2 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Raw vegetables

  • An important dish that will be asked of you by Mickey for one of his friendship quests to find Minnie,
  • Ingredient : 1 Vegetable (any such as a Carrot for example or a zucchini)
  • Energy : 83
  • Selling price : 26 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Seafood appetizers

  • Ingredients : 1 Shellfish of your choice
  • Energy : 242
  • Sale price : 54 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Grilled vegetables

  • A dish you can unlock during Remy's main mission at the Restaurant.
  • Ingredients : 1 Vegetable (any)
  • Energy : 83
  • Sale price : 9 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Hard boiled eggs

  • Ingredients : 1 Egg (buy some at Remy's restaurant)
  • Energy : 578
  • Sale price : 264 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Cheese board

  • Ingredients : 1 Cheese
  • Energy : 482
  • Selling price : 216 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Mash potatoes

  • Ingredients : 1 Potato
  • Energy : 230
  • Selling price : 151 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley


  • Ingredient : 1 Lettuce
  • Energy : 139
  • Sale price : 9 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Tomato soup

  • Ingredient : 1 Tomato
  • Energy : 83
  • Selling price : 26 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Okra soup

  • Ingredient : 1 Okra
  • Energy : 99
  • Selling price : 136 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley


  • Ingredients : 1 Oregano or 1 Basil
  • Energy : 202
  • Selling price : 24 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Grilled fish

  • Ingredient : 1 Fish (it doesn't matter which one)
  • Energy : 290
  • Selling price : 30 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

leek soup

  • Ingredients : 1 Leek
  • Energy : 414
  • Sale price : 370 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley


  • Ingredient : 1 Candy (cocoa or sugar cane for example)
  • Energy : 123
  • Selling price : 22 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Natural granite

  • Ingredients : 1 Crushed Ice (can be bought at Remy's restaurant after completing his quests)
  • Energy : 410
  • Selling price : 180 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley


  • Ingredients : 1 Milk
  • Energy : 142
  • Selling price : 82 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

Fruit salad

  • Ingredient : 1 Fruit of your choice
  • Energy : 450
  • Selling price : 25 pieces
Disney Dreamlight Valley

How to cook and find recipes?

You will quickly unlock the ability to cook in Dreamlight Valley, either by talking to Mickey or by choosing to take the magic door to Remy's kingdom to complete his Ratatouille mission. Note that this quest is very important if you then want to open the restaurant "Chez Rémy" and be able to cook good meals for your inhabitants who will regularly come and sit at a table to order. This will greatly improve their level of progression. For more, and the full list of recipes, please see our overall guide below.

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