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Omega Strikers: tier list, the best characters

Omega Strikers: tier list, the best characters

Score goals, defend, play maker... There are many strategic dimensions in Omega Strikers, and some fighters do better than others, as is customary in mobas! Here is the ranking of the most effective characters in the field.

Omega Strikers: tier list, the best characters

A clever mix that combines the technicality of mobas, the rhythm of fighting games and the love of football, Omega Strikers offers you wild 3v3 matches, where you play as a fighter with his own skills. To become stronger, you will therefore have to learn to properly chain your abilities in the right timings.

In addition to that, your reading of the game and your positioning on the field will make the difference.

But as in all mobas in the world, not all characters are created equal! On Omega Strikers, there are top tier fighters that stand out from the pack, and others that have more limited stats and kits. Choosing the right character can seem to increase your chances of winning!

The beginnings of the game

Omega Strikers being a very recent game, the metagame has not yet been fully refined, and the tier list below is likely to evolve very quickly. By the way: all characters are viable! The tier list is only indicative, and you can very well be among the best players with all the characters.

We have also chosen to group all the characters (scorers, goalkeepers, etc.) in the same ranking for the moment, as long as the pool of playable characters is small.

S Tier


A very mobile fighter, who will drive your opponents crazy if played correctly.


A very powerful character at level 10.


With the ability to slow down opponents, and buff his team, Era is a very good character, who will constantly thwart the enemy's game plan.

A Tier


With his very complete kit, Atlas is a good character


One of the best goalkeepers in the game! It effectively blocks enemies, and can inflict damage across the entire arena.


A totally relevant goalkeeper in the meta. She can make herself available to her teammates on the field, inflict damage and come back to defend her cages.

B Tier


With his ability to heavily slow opponents, Drek'Ar is still a decent bruiser, though he'll struggle to control the best characters in the game.


A character who turns out to be weak when you go up in rating. His skills are too readable, and above all too easily "counterable".

C Tier


A very endearing character, but who will lack punch and presence on the ground. Many other defenders will do what he does, only better...


Juno will seem strong to you at first glance, but she is actually very predictable, and her kit lacks dynamism.

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